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The article covers new Block 50/52 versions such as F-16 delivered to Greece, and the Israeli F-16I Soufa, as well as the new F-16E/F (formerly known as Block 60 ordered for the UAE). Upgrading programs for the USAF and other allied forces are also covered. We detailed the new changes, including conformal fuel tanks (CFT), cockpit systems, core avionics, weapon systems, radars and EW/ECM systems.

  • This article covers a wide range of protection systems designed for heavy, medium and light armored vehicles, including passive and reactive armour, hybrid armour, active protection systems, active armor defenses, missile defense systems, countermeasures and sensors. US, European, Russian, Chinese and Israeli systems are covered.

Battery power, not firepower is becoming a critical factor in military operations, primarily those conducted in urban terrain and in remote locations. This article reviews the available sources, including Lithium batteries (primary) and rechargeable batteries designed specifically for military users. Logistical implications of both concepts are also discussed.

Faced with high speed and agile commercial fast boats, FPBs have reached their performance limits at 60kt. Most navies have reconsidered their requirements for top speed beyond this level and focus on more effective performance of the platform, sensors and weapons, rather than pure chase. A comprehensive review of the leading designs is included in this feature.

a detailed review of the state of the art in mobile mortar carrying platforms, systems, and ammunition. A sub-article also covers some of the exciting new advanced (precision strike) mortar munitions.


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