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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israelis use Fuel-Air Explosives for IED and mine clearing in Lebanon

Updated: August 2, 2006

In recent days Israel employed fuel-air explosives to clear areas suspected to be planted with IEDs and mines placed by Hezbullah in South Lebanon. The fuel-air countermine called Carpet is built by RAFAEL and is employed by the Israeli corps of engineers. The Carpet uses small rockets fired from a stand-off range, deploying highly explosive aerosol over the suspected area. The explosion of this mixture develops high pressure impulse which effectively 'kills' fuzes or sets up explosive devices in the affected area.

During the IDF incursions along the Lebanese border, Israeli combat engineers used Carpet rockets against enemy vehicles, hitting two Hezbullah troop carriers by accurately employing the rockets from a stand-off range, effectively turning the Carpet carrying Puma AIFV into a Multi-Purpose Vehicle System (more info).


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