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'Most Innovative Defense Technology' 2008 Award Nominee

Acadia II Image Fusion & Processor

Pyramid Vision

Pyramid Vision is developing a set of image processing modules as part of the Multi-spectral Adaptive Networked Tactical Imaging System (MANTIS) DARPA program. Sofar, the program demonstrated dramatic improvement in imaging capability, utilizing multi-spectral fusion performed in real-time. In 2009 the company is expected to release first examples of the new Acadia II processor, embedding the elements that drive the MANTIS – image fusion engine, an automatic tracker and image stabilization.


Reasons for recommendation:

We expect that once this imaging monster hits the market, new and exciting applications that were not practical before, due to the size, power, processing and complexity, might now apply. Once a single processor and built-in application library are introduced, developers will find mew applications for them. As the pioneer of this technology, Pyramid has already introduced several new capabilities, including distributed aperture panoramic vision for improved situational awareness and image-based navigation in GPS challenged conditions.


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