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'Most Innovative Defense Technology' 2008 Award Nominee

Guardium Autonomous Patrol Vehicle


G-NIUS , Israel Guardium autonomous patrol vehicle was developed by G-NIUS Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles, a joint venture company established by Israel Aerospace Industries and Elbit Systems. The vehicle employs an autonomous guidance and mission system developed specifically for unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). While many identify the 'Guardium' with the small unmanned patrol car currently being fielded by the IDF, this system is an open architecture that efficiently supports any type of vehicle, introducing new capabilities and operational freedom, that never before could be exercised in combat. (more...)

For the Israel defense Forces, Guardium means only the first step on an ambitious roadmap that could comprise unmanned combat vehicles, optionally driven 'autonomized' armored personnel carriers and heavy earthmoving and mine clearing equipment.

Reasons for Recommendation:

2008 was 'the year of the Guardium' in Israel and abroad, with the IDF fielding the system in an operational role, along two separate border fronts, thus underlining its confidence in the system's maturity, operational viability and cost effectiveness. More deliveries, in Israel and abroad, are expected in 2009 paving the road for further developments of this unique and innovative system.

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