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'Most Innovative Defense Technology' 2008 Award Nominee

Hardwire Armor Material

Hardwire / DSM

Hardwire armor concept utilizes twisted wires of ultra-hard steel, embedded into composite material to provide ultra-strong ballistic protection at very low weight. Hardwire has teamed with the Dutch company DSM, manufacture of Dyneema, to produce large-scale armor modules for armored vehicles, providing both structural integrity and protection. The armor components can be designed with ballistic characteristics specific to the type of threat it is designed to protect from. This approach is claimed to be more affordable and effective, since vehicles are built and fitted for the protection level they are required to meet, rather than stock different modules for different missions. Although this armor concept was not selected for the JLTV, it is already in production for certain MRAP weight reduction efforts. (more...)

Reasons for recommendation:

The Hardwire production process introduces new production economies for armor. Currently, the cost rises with increase in protection and reduction of weight. Hardwire has the potential to change this formula, providing more protection, at lower weight.

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