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'Most Innovative Defense Technology' 2008 Award Nominee

M-72A9 LAW Anti Structure Munition

Nammo Talley

M-72A9 (LAW) with thermobaric warhead is a new version of the LAW. The new model which has recently completed developmental testing is currently in production for the US Army, Marines and Special Forces. Unlike previous models of the LAW, the A9 (and A10, conforming to operations from confined space) is loaded with the new Anti-Structure Munition (ASM), a penetrating warhead capable of piercing thick concrete walls, delivering its explosive charge inside the target, for maximum effect. The small thermobaric warhead combines a tripple effect of armor or obstacle penetration, blast and fragmentation. While the original LAW could hardly scratch a building wall, the new 'A9 would eliminate any target inside the house while minimizing collateral damage beyond the target's walls (more...)

Reasons for recommendation:

Impressed with the ASM ability to deliver the warfighter decisive firepower, particularly effective in urban environment, while maintaining low weight, familiar package and operation, Defense Update is ranking M72A9 among its top 20 finalist for the Defense Technology Award.

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