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'Most Innovative Defense Technology' 2008 Award Nominee

Regenerative Medicine Wound Treatment

Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine - (the FIRM)

The goal of the regenerative researche at the 'FIRM' is to improve the survival chance and quality of life of woonded veterans. Parralel studies are in progress at some 50 universities, companies research centers, seeking procedures and techniques that can rapidly regenerate human tissues, such as skin, bones, and limbs. Rapid skin regeneration utilizing stem-cell technology could generate large tissues of skin, practically covering all the human body, within weeks. Similar techniques could be used to minimize scars. Other resrearches focus on reducing the body rejection of transplants. (more...)

Current anti-rejection drugs have severe side effects that restrict the transplant procedures to lifesaving operations only. Mitigating such rejection by the injecting the donor's bone marrow into the recipient's bone marrow could reduce the natural rejection, thus eliminating anti-rejection drugs or dramatically reducing the dosage to a level considered safe for non-critical procedures, such as limb or face transplants, significantly improving the quality of life for wounded veterans.

Reasons for recommendation

While improving the survival rate of severely wounded soldiers, regenerative medicine also has the potential to improve the quality of lives for the survivors.

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