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'Most Innovative Defense Technology' 2008 Award Nominee

M-25 Fuel Cell Technology

Smart Fuel Cells (SFC)

There is much hype about Fuel Cells, and how this technology is going to revolutionize our lives, but at the Smart Fuel Cells (SFC) company, wearable power plants that provide dependable power for days, are already a reality. This reality has already been endorsed by DARPA, as two SFC technologies, the JENNY and M-25 won the first and third prizes in the recent DARPA 'Wearable Power Challenge' competition in October 2008. Both M-25 and JENNY are designed for man portable and wearable applications. the first, more mature weighs about 1.3 kg and runs at an efficiency of 25% providing 25 watts consuming 350 ml cartridges. Utilizing five 250 ml methanol fuel cartridges, JENNY can sustain a three day mission (72 hours) at a total weight of 3.1 kg. (compared to about 13 kg of alternative battery weight). The M-25 is even more compact, and is designed to run at higher efficiency levels (up to 30%) from 300 ml Methanol cartridges. Designed for covert and combat operations, M-25 has low emissions of noise and heat. On a 72 hour mission, M-25 could be utilized as a battery charger, reducing battery weight by 80%.


Reasons for recommendation:

The accelerating development of electronic sensors, processors and communications hasn't been balanced by equally capable power sources. Delivering power to the warfighter in the field has never been so critical, as today. By leading the fuel cells technology with a scalable range of power sources converting fuel to electrical energy, SFC has the potential to change military power logistics, fulfilling the warfighter's increasing thirst for power.

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