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Still-on-Video Image Transfer

Wireless Avionics Ltd.

Spider-I Mega-Pixel payload for unmanned systems is like magic. It offers breakthrough performance improvement, markedly beyond the state of the art stabilized EO payloads, at lower cost, utilizing commercial hardware and existing peripherals (communications, datalinks, displays etc). How is it possible? (more...)

A full resolution still image shows the 'zoom' effect and wide area scene view provided by Spider-I. These images are being interlaced over standard analog video link, supporting standard UAV communications and off-the shelf megapixel digital cameras. Photo: Wireless Avionics
The patented pending Spider-I system harnesses rapid digital processing with commercially available mega-pixel camera sensors to deliver data streams formatted as analog video. Since data is streamed in analog video format, it can be transported over standard analog datalinks available today for all UAV systems. Shooting still images at high speed, image capture is performed at high shutter speed that do not require stabilization. The process covers a wide area with high resolution 'snapshots', being correlated and 'stitched' to provide a wide area mosaic that opens a broad area for effective orientation by the user. When a point of interest is located, the used can 'drill down' and zoom into the relevant frame, providing a crisp close-up image with up to x20 zoom factor.

Instead of the raw live video stream delivered by video cameras which are limited by the sensor's resolution, stabilization and optical lense performance, Spider-I uses the mega-pixel camera to capture live video, interrupted for a fraction of a second to capture the entire scene frame-by-frame. These stills are formatted into standard, synchronized video frames and inserted into the live video feed. On the receiving unit, the stream decrypted, still frames are separated from the video and displayed to the user on demand.

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While Spider-I is still in its infancy, the concept has been demonstrated and could be integrated in small unmanned aerial vehicles enhancing performance and dramatically improving usability by non specialist operators. We believe Spider-I could bring dramatic improvements to mini and micro UAVs in the near future, enabling these small platforms to match the capabilities of much larger and expensive unmanned systems.

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