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Defense Update is announcing the annual Defense Technology Award, highlighting innovative and exciting defense systems developments that have potential to influence and benefit the warfighter at present and in the near future.

Our editorial team has assessed hundreds of candidates, and selected the following list depictng over 20 programs addresslng different aspects of modern warfare. You are invited to place your vote, selecting the program you consider as most suitable for the title 'most innovative' [aka 'cool'] defense technology program.


2008 Defense Technology Innovation Award Program:


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If you think another program should be ranked in our top 20 list, you are invited to send your suggestion (by filling the blank or comment field).

The top tthree finalists will be published here by year's end.

Following is the list of most innovative defense programs suggested by Defense Update editorial team. In this group we gathered programs that demonstrated innovation, maturity and are promissing to bring profound change to military operations, warfighter capabilities and operational conditions (safety, survivability, comfort). Where applicable, links to relevant coverage in Defense Update are provided.