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International Technologies
Lasers Israel Ltd. (ITL)

Founded in 1973, ITL is a leading international high-tech Electro-Optics company, specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced and innovative systems. ITLís systems provide a full range of Electro-optical solutions enabling Infantry and Special Operation Forces engaged in Urban Warfare and Low-Intensity Conflicts to improve day and night operational capabilities while enhancing force Survivability, Lethality and Situational Awareness.

ITL's comprehensive and diversified line of products include:

  • Night Vision Systems
  • (Thermal & I2)
  • Laser Aiming Devices and Sights
  • Laser Rangefinders and Target
  • Acquisition Systems
  • Navigation and Orientation Systems

Extensive global activity has led ITL products to preeminent presence in varied military, Para-military and Special Forces around the world. ITL products are all Battle Proven (Including participation in "Operation Iraqi Freedom"), successfully and operationally used by the US Special Forces and Marine Corps, the US Army, NATO member countries and other customers located in Europe, South-East Asia, Australia Africa and Latin America. As part of its global approach ITL has established strong International Industrial Cooperation with strategic partners in the U.S.A, France, U.K, Australia and the South-East Asia, which led to licensing agreements for in-country assembly & support or teaming for specific projects. ITL maintains the highest quality procedures as demanded by the ISO 9001-2000 International Standard.

The company has in house Technological Capabilities to fully design its own products. These Technologies capabilities include Opto-mechanical, electronic and optical design, including software development, Lasers (solid state - 904 nm, 1.55μ 1.54 Er:Glass and Laser Spectroscopy Technologies), SMT design and Digital Orientation Modules etc. ITL is also engaged in the development of specialized equipment and advanced combat suits for advanced Infantry programs. The company is taking part in several such projects in Europe, Australia and Israel.

ITL has two subsidiaries:

  • ITL Inc. - A fully owned U.S. based company providing full services for the U.S. market with offices in Emerson NJ and a manufacturing plant with maintenance facilities in Shreveport Louisiana.

  • NA-OR Systems - Fully controlled by ITL (55%), based in Israel and dedicated to the design of Infantry-oriented, Navigation, Orientation, Target Acquisition and Situational Awareness Systems.




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