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Plasan Sasa

Composite Materials - Total Systems Armor Solutions

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Plasan has accumulated over 15 years of technical know how and real world experience in the development of technically advanced armor protection kits for personnel, tracked and wheeled vehicles, aircraft and naval systems. Plasan utilizes a "Total Systems Approach" when considering the armor requirements for a particular platform. The Plasan engineering concept looks at all aspects of the platforms' survivability requirements and then engineers a solution that will incorporate the most cost effective materials solution for the specified threat.

Plasan is a preferred supplier to the Israeli Defence Forces and an approved supplier to Ministries of Defense around the world. The focus of its core business effort is the development, manufacturing and assembly of Add-On Armor Protection Kits [APK's] for lightweight military tactical track [APC's] and wheeled vehicles [APC/Trucks], fixed and rotary wing aircraft, naval platforms and civilian vehicles. In September 2004 the company has also won with the US Oshkosh Company, a 15 month contract to supply armor protection kits to the USMC MTVR trucks, at a total cost of over $200 million.




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