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Bental Industries

a KMN Holdings Company

Bental’s land, airborne, and marine solutions share extreme ruggedness, superior high power to low weight ratio, and an impressive reliability track-record, while offering the benefits of simplicity combined with the unique attributes of a customized system.  Spotlighting its electric power and motion solutions for land systems, the company presents a range of DC brushless and brush motors as well as blowers.  These perform critical tasks that enable the operation of vital, complex systems, and reach new levels of reliability under challenging field condition (Bental's motion mystems for Land Vehicles and Airborne systems applications)

Meeting the unique needs of its partners and customers around the world, Bental delivers end-to-end tailored solutions based on the company’s comprehensive line of onboard integrated solutions for UAVs. That include sophisticated servo motors, cutting-edge propulsion systems, servo actuators, alternators and starters, and the latest mini stabilized payload systems of surveillance application. These extensively field-proven solutions have amassed to an exceptional track record of success with the most known UAVs in Israel and around the globe.

Bental Industries' main product lines includes the following systems:

Motion and power solutions for AFVs

The company offers MIL standars qualified electric motion and power technologies based on brush and brushless motors. Applications include permanent magnet DC brushless type servomotors utilized for Electric Gun and Turret Drive systems used in a number of AFVs including the Merkava Mk 4 tank, lightweight, coimpact motors developing high torque powering remotely operated weapon stations, blowers & dust scavengers, permanent magnet generators for a wide range of applications in land vehicles, naval crafts and aircraft.

Other types include toroidally wound motors wounded on a slotless stator, featuring low friction and low hysteresis losses, applicable in high accuracy control systems. To ensure for maximum performance, high quality Samarium Cobalt magnets are used with encapsulated Windings for cool running, low cogging and extremely low acoustic signature.

Blowers and Filtration Systems

The high energy Samarium Cobalt magnet technology is also employed with Bental's airblower, designed for extended operation in harsh environmental conditions. These blowers have built-in EMI/RFI filtering and meets strict MIL standards.

Bental also offers heavy duty dust Scavenger extracting dust and small particles from the air filter of the main diesel engine. The Dust Scavenger is designed for extended operatione in harsh environmental conditions, about ten times longer than conventional filters. The blower and drive units include EMI/RFI filtering and meet strict MIL standards.

Servo Actuators and Compact Generators

Bental offers high performance, low-weight, compact servo actuators, designed to meet aviation & MIL standards.  Used mainly for flap control onboard UAVs, the 28Vdc RSA includes a permanent magnet brushless servomotor, reduction gear, feedback sensor on output shaft, electronic servo control, and amplifier, all packed inside a low-weight compact aluminum case.

Bental offers very high speed alternators using permanent magnet technology, for special applications. These ultra compact systems deliver a kilowatt of electrical power for a specified duration, operating at rotation speed of 120,000 RPM.

UAV Systems

Bental is offering different classes of permanent magnet, brushless, electrical propulsion systems for UAVs, from an ultra-light 56 gram motor delivering 30-60 watt, powering micro- and mini-UAVs, to a compact motor, weighing less than 500 grams, powering propellers of about 13" diameter, to powerful 2800 watt motors, designed to power propellers at a diameter of up to 24", matching small, tactical UAVs.

For UAVs powered by piston engines, Bental offers a compact, integrated starter generator coupled in tandem to the main engine. Comprised of a low weight starter/generator, Generator Control Unit (GCU), and drive control for the starter mode unit, the generator starts the UAV's main engine, then shifts to its alternator role, providing power to the rest of the UAV ystems and charging the main battery.

Bental has developed a lightweight miniature, stabilized electro-optical payload Intended for integration on a variety of air, land, and sea platforms. The MicroBAT 275 is an operational system installed onboard different types of air (including UAVs), land, and marine platforms. Currently designed for day operation, the MicroBat is rugged and light, and is seamlessly integrated with standard cameras to enable precise control of zoom, shutter, and focus by the vehicle's systems or from the operator console.

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About the company

Bental Industries, a member of TAT Technologies, is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of specialized power & motion systems for a wide range of military and civilian applications. Its solutions meet the needs of the most demanding industrial scenarios and the most rugged combat conditions.

The company specializes in innovative motion technologies which include stabilized gimbal systems, brush and brushless motors, blowers & dust scavengers, permanent magnet generators, electronic drivers and controllers, servo actuators and more. A leading supplier for military, aerospace and industrial companies worldwide, Bental’s customized and innovative designs, using cutting-edge technology, enable it to effectively respond to today’s most challenging market demands.

The company’s products are integrated into a wide variety of platforms and applications including: turret and gun control systems for AFVs, UAVs, missiles, jet engines, cryogenic coolers for thermal imaging systems, Optronic and rotational drives for large antennae pedestals.

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