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An Israeli Company Develops a Thermal Stealth Suite for Combat Vehicles





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Eltics Ltd.

We Make it Invisible

About the Black Fox Technology:

'Black Fox' is an Active, Adaptive Multi-Spectral Stealth technology applicable to land, airborne and naval vessels. The concept has been in development since 2006 and was recently demonstrated in field experiments, demonstrating the ability to effectively blend parts of the platform into the background, while on the move.

The active stealth suite can be applied to totally conceal a large object, like a relocatable, forward command post, requiring stealth, in order to conceal the entire platform from overhead observation and targeting.






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About the company

Eltics has patented and is developing an 'Active, Adaptive Multi-Spectral Stealth technology', applicable to land, airborne and naval vessels. In development since 2006, the technology has been demonstrated in field experiments. Eltics is located in Ashkelon, Israel.

Since 2006, the Ashkelon located company has established a team of experts developing the entire system, from initial concept into a product. This task involved complex theoretical evaluation and simulations, of thermal signatures and thermodynamic analysis, hardware and software design and development of algorithms for signature sensing and processing, thermodynamic calculation and signature display. Eltics Vice President for Research and development is Dr. Dani Leshem, formerly the Chief Scientist at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Mj. General (ret.) David Ivri, a former Chief of the Israel Air Force and Director General of Israel's Ministry of Defense is also an advisor to Eltics' Board of Directors.

Contact details:

P.O.B 747  Ashkelon, Israel
Tel: 972 54 4297733
Email: [email protected]