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Scatterable Munitions - M85/M87 Hornet 5

IMI scatterable munitions (bomblets) are designed for many types of artillery, mortars projectiles as well as rockets and aerial bombs. Three types of dual purpose explosive charges are in use - the M85, M87 and Hornet 5. All types are designed to share the same operating principles and mechanisms, M85 and 87 are identical, and utilized for artillery and mortar ammunition. Hornet 5 is designed for 105 mm howitzer and 5 guns. The self-destruct mechanism ensures that no hazardous duds are encountered by advancing friendly forces. The IMI safety mechanism prevents inadvertent arming of duds by manual means. No stored energy is contained in the bomblet fusing system, thus complying with the most severe military standards. This requirement is not currently met by any other bomblet.


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  Updated: July 8, 2002


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