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IED Countermeasures - Jammers

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A broadband antenna used with the EJAB IED jammerOther aspects of force protection are covered by Elisra, which is unveiling here a new line of the EJAB family of electronic jammers designed to disrupt and deny remote activation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). These versatile jammers are covering wide frequency band from VHF to UHF and high cellular bandwidths, dealing with all types of remote-controlled applications, from simple RC transmitters to the most sophisticated cellphones and wireless devices. The jammers operate as stand-alone systems, and have proved themselves through years of combat operations in Lebanon and the current conflict, where they were they have successfully protected combat vehicles, convoys, and fixed facilities as well as protection of EOD teams and isolation of terrorist attack scenes.

C-Guard VHP IED jammerAnother Israeli company, Netline, offers the C-Guard Very High Power modular wireless communications jammers designed for fixed or vehicle installation, where high transmission power and multiple frequency bands are required to block wireless communications within a large coverage area. The effective range of C-Guard VHP reach up to 3 km., depending on environmental conditions. Netline also offers a suitcase packed portable High Power Jammer version, designed to protect EOD robots and operators.
Two IED jammers displayed by Elisra at the LIC-2005 exhibition. A suitcase packed portable system, developed to support EOD teams and a vehicular multi-channel broadband system.
IED Jammer antenna mounted on a Heavy APC (Centurion chassis based nakpadon)

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  Updated: 12/06/2005

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