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Counter-Sniper Systems

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RAFAEL Spotlite sniper locatorEngaging snipers is another LIC priority. RAFAEL is unveiling the Spotlite sniper detection, location and engagement system. The system comprises a FLIR, CCD with continuous zoom, a Laser Range Finder, and GPS position location system. The Spotlite can be linked with multiple "subscribers" either snipers or other countermeasures of weapon systems. Spotlite operators can analyze fire sources and verify that a specific source is actually hostile fire. Once verified, the image of the hostile fire position is captured, and transferred to snipers or other support units, which can engage the target with direct or indirect fire. The Spotlite system is currently operational. It was designed for use by observation and reconnaissance forces, sniper units and Special Forces as well as for the protection of static posts under enemy threat.

Elbit systems displayed the active gated imaging day/night sight, attached to a sniper sight. The system can operate passively or with laser illumination, enabling snipers and observers to get high definition images from extended range, including recognizing face images through glass windows or vehicle's windshield, reading license plate numbers from long distance, in day and night. It also enables effective operation in urban area, in both day and night where adverse lighting conditions can limit operations with other devices. As the system is immune to lighting sources, it cannot be blinded (virtually canceling the blooming effect).

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  Updated: 08/25/2005

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