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Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering Equipment

at the 2006 Eurosatory Exhibition

New: Eurosatory 2010 Preview

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Qinetiq netted UGSWhile robotics provide the promise of more autonomous and sophisticated intelligence gathering for future, autonomous, remotely controlled unattended ground sensors already provide some of these capabilities today,. These systems rely on sophisticated communications, sensor fusion, camouflage and concealment techniques to function. At Eurosatory, several systems were introduced. These included: Caladiom, a smart remotely controlled video surveillance sensor from Bertin; CaVA concealed video surveillance sensor from Surveycopter and the Terrain Commander Mk II from Textron Systems.

Qinetiq displayed a new concept for "networked UGS", that is similar to the US planned FCS UGS system also pursued by Textron. EADS demonstrated its concept for a stand-alone video surveillance network called IRIS, providing a system to control four field deployable video cameras for security, force protection or area surveillance application.Terrain Commander 2 Another perimeter surveillance system is the Laser Perimeter Awareness System (LPAS) from Goodrich. This system can operate from fixed positions or as a mobile / deployable sensor operating under all visibility conditions, day or night. ODF demonstrated a new version of the Gatekeeper and the Eyeball R1. These unique observation devices are designed for operation in confined spaces. The recent versions are provided with special camouflage coating that conceals the device and make it look like a pebble.

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  Updated: 07/26/2006

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