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Up-Armored HMMWV Modifications

Modern Day Marine Expo / AUSA 2007

Photos: Noam Eshel

As MRAP is about to be fielded in mass, and more protected alternatives are considered for the HMMWV, this veteran vehicle is still operating in large numbers, continuously beefed-up with more armor protection and modifications. Some of the add-ons developed by BAE Systems were on display at MDM. The latest add-on armor applied to the HMMWV has improved side protection by heavier FRAG 5 / FRAG 6 armor kits. Several accessories designed to make life in an up-armored HMMWVs more tolerable were introduced recently. (more...)

Urban combat environment can be particularly dangerous to soldiers remaining in disabled vehicles. Rapid recovery is therefore imperative, and military users are examining many alternatives to facilitate rapid, safe recovery of disabled or damaged vehicles without putting the crew or rescue teams at unnecessary risk. Combat recovery systems were designed for the HMMWV on display at MDM 07, reflecting simple but effective vehicle recovery solutions.

Another essential accessory is the electrical door assist mechanism, designed to operate the u-armored door weighing over 400 kg (applied with FRAG 6 kit). This mechanism, introduced by BAE System's mobility and protection systems (formerly Armor Holdings) can operate the door on level ground or up to 17 deg slope (30%), opening or closing it within five seconds. Another system that became too heavy for manual operation is the gunner protection kit. An electric traverse kit moves the turret at up to 6 rpm, under all inclinations, therefore improving the gunner's situational awareness and response even under difficult conditions. The traverse mechanism is powered by rechargeable batteries offering independent operation regardless of the vehicle's condition. BAE Systems also proposes an improved air conditioning and integrated cooling systems, designed to reduce the temperature in the simmering cabin to bearable 82 F (29 C) and further reduce the crew's temperature to 60-70 F (15-21C), utilizing water circulating cooling vests.

Urban Assault System (UAS)

STAG, a specialty vehicles and application maker introduced at MDM 07 the Urban Assault System installed on a HMMWV, the system enables troops to ascend securely and safely to rooftops or up to a third floor (26 ft/8 meters). The assault ladder is supported from raised assault decks mounted on the vehicle. The system weighs 578 lbs. UAS can be installed and configured for use on any HMMWV within 20 minutes, using standard tools.

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