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Controp Unveils Speed-A Aerostat-Dedicated Stabilized EO Payload

A new stabilized electro-optical payload system recently deployed with IDF units along the Gaza border provides sharp, stable imaging even under difficult weather conditions. The system designated 'Speed-A' facilitates advanced, automated image processing and functionality for homeland security and force protection. Such systems could detect and identify suspicious palestinian terrorist activity well before they reach the border. Such clear images also mean IDF could better recognize insuspicious civilian activity, thus eliminating risks of identificaton errors and collateral damage.


The Skystar 300 aerostat system developed by Aeronautics defense Systems, combined with Controp Precision Technologies 'Speed' stabilized EO payload, being elevated into position by an IDF unit near the Gaza strip. The system was deployed by the IDF in 2008. Photos: Aeronautics & Defense Update.
Controp Precision Technologies unveiled a new and unique EO multi-sensor payload system designed specifically for aerostat applications. The ultra-lightweight payload designated 'Speed-A' (seen in the insert in the picture above) uses five axis stabilization (yaw, pitch and roll) to compensate for typical aerostat movements, providing continuous stable and sharp imaging under all weather conditions. The 'Speed-A' sensor payload includes a daylight colorand thermal imager (FLIR), both equipped with continuous zoom, a laser rangefinder and laser target marker.

The high stability provided by the Speed-A system's facilitates some advanced functions built-into the system, including automatic movement detection and panoramic scan, contributing to improved surveillance efficiency even in high wind conditions. 'Speed-A' has been fielded with IDF aerostats this year. The system has already been deployed on the Skystar 300 tactical aerostat system (picture above), deployed at an altitude of about 1,000 ft. The Skaystar system was developed by Aeronautics Defense Systems.

Another compact payload fielded in 2007 is the 'Shapo' (picture - below left). Weighing about 10 kg, Shapo is designed to carry three EO systems, including a daylight color and FLIR, both using continuous zoom, a laser rangefinder or laser target marker. Shapo is designed for use with helicopters, tactical UAVs, boats and vehicles. Another system recently fielded is the C-View (picture, below right), a rugged, compact and lightweight stabilized EO payload fielded in 2008, designed for naval applications the C-View uses an environmentally protected 3 gimbal stabilized platform carrying a daylight color or FLIR for day/night operation.

The new systems were displayed on the company's 20th anniversary event held September 23, 2008 in Israel.

Shapo and C-View are two of the recent EO payloads unveiled by Controp Precision Systems in Israel. Photos: Defense Update