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RG35 - a new 'Cross-Over Armored Combat Vehicle'

Ranger - Hybrid Armored Vehicle

Supacat Protected Vehicle (SPV)

Ocelot Light Armored Vehicle

Zephyr Specific Requirements Vehicle (SRV)

Oshkosh M-ATV



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In Spite of Medvedev's Optimism Russian Military Is Facing Severe Crisis
A Series of Crashes are Haunting Afghanistan Air Ops


German Tornados, UAVs to Improve Intelligence Gathering over Afghanistan

Following the successful completion of Initial Operational Capability (IOC) qualification of the Reccelite tactical aerial recce pods with the German Air Force, the Luftwaffe is now equipping Tornado IDS fighters with the system. To be equipped with the first two Reccelite pods, are Tornados of AG51 'Immelmann' Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Recently deployed to join the rest of the squadron at Mazer e-Sharif airbase in northern Afghanistan, the aircraft will support USAF operations in-theater. (Read more...)

Final Round for Brazil's F-X2

Brazil squeezes Boeing and Saab to match the terms of the mega-deal agreed by the presidents of the two countries. After Eurocopter and DCSN are already invested in large programs in Brazil, Dassault could be next if Rafale is selected for the F-X2. (read more...)

Hawker Beechcraft, Lockheed Martin Team to Offer the Air Force a new Aircraft Optimized for Irregular Warfare

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) and Lockheed Martin have teamed up, competing for the Air Force LAAR program. Air Tractor is also believed to compete. Embraer, the manufacturer of Super Tucano, could also submit a proposalthrough a local affiliation in the USA. (Read more...)

Light Attack Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (LAAR)

The future light attack/armed reconnaissance aircraft (LAAR) will be fitted with an advanced sensor suite and multiple hardpoints to carry light support weapons, capable in independent finding, fixing and tracking targets, engaging these within a single asset platform. The Air Force considers aerial gunnery and precision weapon attacks to be 'kinetic' means in engaging targets rapidly, thus reducing the sensor-to-shooter timeline cycle. Furthermore, LAAR will also provide means to deliver direct fire from other platforms, coordinating fires directly with supported ground units, through voice, video and datalinks with other assets, creating synergies in minimizing fratricide danger. (Read more...)

U.S. Air Force Gears for Irregular Warfare Operations (IW)

While the air force completes procurement of its top-performance F-22, and gears toward fielding of the fifth-next generation F-35 stealth fighter, a modest effort is aimed at a different platform, less glamorous, perhaps, but not less suitable for irregular warfare, a type of conflict the Air Force is expected to support, but currently still lacks adequate means to deliver effectively. (Read more...)

New Night Eyes for the Constant Hawk - Opening the Night for Counter-IED Surveillance

BAE Systems has delivered the first Airborne, Wide Area Persistent Surveillance System (AWAPSS) to the U.S. Army, addressing an urgent need for improving persistent day-or-night situational awareness in complex operational environments. These surveillance systems will expand the current capabilities of Constant Hawk aerial surveillance aircraft operating in Iraq, detecting, identifying and tracking activities, suspected to be associated with prepartion, emplacement, or locations of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) or ambushes in complex, urban environments. Sofar these capabilities were limited to daytime operations. Beyond night performance, the new system will also improve automated target tracking capability and offer better target detection and identification, by employing multi-spectral imaging and supporting multi-user operation. (Read more...)

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Mini-Spike Anti-Personnel Guided Weapon

At the exhibition held alongside the 3rd land warfare conference held at Latrun Sept 2, 2009 Israel's Directorate for Defense Research & Development (DDR&D) provided a glimpse into some of the new and exciting programs currently underway with participating industries. Among these were the mini-Spike missile system, the smallest member of Rafael's electro-optically guided missiles. Mini-Spike is the first implementation of an anti-personnel precision attack missile, designed for operation at the company and platoon level. (Ream more...)

Israel Unveils New Precision Weapon Systems for the Ground Forces

New Israeli hardware was unveiled today at the Latrun 3rd annual conference discussing maneuver in complex terrain. Many of the new systems were unveiled by the Ground Forces Command's (GFC) weapons development department, responsible for the maturization of new weapon systems, command for the armor, infantry, combat engineering and artillery corps. Other programs displayed here are sponsored or supported by the Israel Ministry of Defense Directorate Research & Development (DDR&D) were displayed by four industries that supported the event, including IAI, Rafael, IMI and Azimuth.

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U.S. Army Defines Ground Combat Vehicle's (GCV) Priorities

The Army's U.S. Army's TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) is inviting candidate industries capable of designing, developing and producing the next generation vehicles of Ground Combat Vehicles to line up for the program. (Read more...)

BAE Systems Introduces the RG35, Cross Over Armored Mine Protected Vehicle

BAE Systems has launched the latest member of the combat proven RG family of armored vehicles at DSEi 2009, introducing the new 6x6 RG-35 Mine Protected multi-purpose fighting vehicle. This vehicle is defined as a 'crossover tactical vehicle', bridging the gap between a wheeled armored fighting vehicle and mine ambush protected mine resistant vehicle. Based in part on the RG31 Mine Protected Vehicle, RG35 has a high level of off-road mobility and maneuverability, while maintaining high level of protection, meeting STANAG 4569B Level 4A/4B, and high level ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 A level 4. (Read more...)

Ranger: a Hybrid Vehicle designed for Hybrid Battle

Universal Engineering launched the privately funded Project Ranger in June 2008 – developing a family of protected vehicles for use by military forces worldwide. The vehicle concept is unique, in that it has been designed from the crew outwards and offers the most advanced protection system available with an array of optional mission-enhancing systems, for commanders to choose from. The Ranger offers balanced yet uncompromised protection, mobility and payload carrying capability. (Read more...)

British MOD Launches the first phase of FIST Acquisition Program

British infantry units will soon be issued with new Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) package. The order, part of a £150m contract awarded by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) to Thales UK marks the first acquisition increment of the Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) program. The full FIST package will consist of nearly eleven thousand suites of equipment. (Read more...)

Innovative Designs Pursue new Opportunities for Light Patrol Vehicle

Armored vehicle designers and manufacturers in the UK are scrambling to develop light armored vehicles aimed to replace the lightly armored 4x4 Land Rover Snatch light patrol vehicle, operated by the British forces in Afghanistan. (Read more...)

British MOD Evaluates Foreign Designs for the FRES Scout Vehicle

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has accelerated the processing of a new contract to procure about 600 armored vehicles as part of the reconnaissance and support vehicles, comprising four variants of the Future Rapid Effect Systems (FRES) family of vehicles. FRES scout vehicle (SV) consists of three Blocks of Reconnaissance vehicles, plus Medium Armor and Maneuver Support. Up to 1,300 could be required in total. Recce Block 1, which consists of Scout, Repair, Recovery and Protected Mobility variants, is the biggest and seen as highest priority. (Read more...)

U.S. Army is Seeking Developers, Suppliers for a new family of Ground Combat Vehciles

The Army's U.S. Army's TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) is inviting candidate industries capable of designing, developing and producing the next generation vehicles of Ground Combat Vehicles to line up for the program. (Read more...)

Singapore to field 135 Terrex Infantry Combat Vehicles

Singapore is fielding the new 8x8 Terrex Infantry Combat Vehicle. The Singaporeans are planning to field at least 135 vehicles, expected to be fielded with all infantry and guards battalions by February 2010. The new vehicle was developed by Singapore Technologies Kinetics and is optimized for urban warfare. (Read more...)

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G-NIUS Expands Guardium Family with Logistics Carrier Variant

Israel's Unmanned Ground Vehicle's (UGV) pioneer G-NIUS is expanding its Guardium UGV family with a logistics load carrier (Guardium LS) designed to support dismounted infantry units on the battlefield. In the logistics support role, the vehicle can be tele-operated from mobile or portable terminals, or act in a mule mode, where it autonomously follows a squad unit. (Read more...)

IAI Shows Progress with Mosquito Micro UAV

IAI is nearing the first delivery of a prototype version of the Mosquito micro UAV, as part of the technological evaluation of this new concept UAV. Similar to 'micro class' UAVs, Mosquito weighs in the sub kilogram range, but unlike other systems scratching the top of the weight class, Mosquito weighs only 500 grams. Nevertheless, it can operate on a 30 minute mission, at distances up to 3,000 meters from the launch point. According to IAI officials the Mosquito can endure winds and gusts up to 25 knots. The system is not new, Defense Update has first reported on the Mosquito in 2005. In the past four years the development of the systemcontinues, alas at a slower pace, lacking a clear customer requirement or market. But IAI's developers persisted in their effort to improve the system, with encouragement from Israel's MOD Defense Research & Development Directorate (DR&DD). (Read more...)

Israel Embarks on a development of advanced UGV

G-NIUS will Develop the Next-Generation Unmanned Ground Vehicle dubbed Nahshon for the Israeli Defense Forces. The new unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) will offer improved operational flexibility and performance beyond the level provided by the current Guardium, designed for security operations and will provide combat support. (Read more...)

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Empire Challenge: Turning ISR into Actionable Intelligence

Empire Challenge (EC 09) sets the stage for an annual demonstration of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) interoperability, executed by US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) under the sponsorship of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (USD/I). (Read more...)


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U.S. Navy Announces 'Winner Takes All' Strategy for LCS
A French Amphibious Assault Ship for the Russian Navy?
Brazil to Construct Five French Designed Submarines
Thales Offers Modular Integrated Mast for Future Frigates
TERMA's Integrated Combat System for Thai Amphibious Vessels
Shipboard Protection System Achieves Milestone Decision

Litoral Combat Ship 'Independence' Begins Sea Trials

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Lockheed Martin Announces Plans to Acquire Gyrocam Systems

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) announced plans to acquire Gyrocam Systems, a developer of gyro-stabalized optical surveillance systems. Lockheed Martin plans to manage Gyrocam under its Missiles and Fire Control business unit. (Read more...)

Elbit Systems Acquires Simulation Expert BVR Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today that it has signed an agreement for the acquisition of the assets of BVR Systems (1998) Ltd. for a price of $34 million. (Read more...)

MBDA, BUMAR Tighten Cooperation in Anticipation for Polish Air-Defense Program

MBDA is strengthening its positioning in the Polish market, in anticipation for the forthcoming decision on the future modernization of Polish ground based air-defense system. The company is formalizing its strategic relations with Poland's leading defense company Bumar MBDA following earlier cooperation agreements with PIT and BUMAR subsidiary RADWAR signed in 2007. (Read more...)