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Rechargeable Battery

Monitoring State of Charge (SoC)

"Smart" monitoring of effective battery power is a significant aspect for military use, but it is rarely available with primary batteries. The use of State of Charge (SoC) Indicators and "Smart Bus" type communications enable users to monitor the health and charge state of the battery. While such implementations add to the cost of each battery, they reduce the total life cycle cost of the entire battery inventory, by reducing unnecessary replacement of batteries and enable the use of much of the available power. For rechargeable batteries, a combat device also requires an additional State of Health (SoH) indication that depicts the expected life expectancy of the fully charged device.

In a network centric environment, where communications (and transmission) of data at high capacity are required, power requirements for portable and mobile electronics is outgrowing existing power sources capacity, leading to a shorter service per battery. The use of regenerable power is therefore becoming critical for military missions.


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  Updated: 10/14/2005


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