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  Miniature EO Payload


Miniature Aerial vehicles:
Mission Control

< The control systems utilized with current MAVs offer "mission control", rather than "flying" the aircraft like RC modelers do. The operator, usually an infantryman or a special forces warrior, carry a small laptop or palmtop PC, with a ruggedized "joystick, which enable functional control of the payload, and basic mission commands such as "maintain position" or "go to point" and "come home" etc. Mission specific control features also include "convoy protection", recently demonstrated by MLB.

All the flight control and auto-pilot functions must be performed autonomously by the aerial vehicle. The MAV must fly itself in calm or harsh weather conditions, including turbulence and wind gusts. Its flight controls include all motion and air data sensors, flight actuators and control surfaces, all driven by the an automatic piloting and control system. Control surface actuators are also driven by electric motors.

Future applications of micro mechanical components (MEMS), ultrasonic devices and piezoelectric actuators are foreseen for future MAVs. Such components are expected to improve reliability, save weight and reduce overall power consumption. Most MAVs are utilizing Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data for navigation and positioning. Other sensors required for position sensing include angle rate sensor, pressure, accelerometers, and altimeter, to name only a few .

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