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Defense Markets Summary
Tadiran Communications

March 8, 2007: Tadiran reported annual revenues of $258.6 million, representing a slight drop of 4.9% in revenue, compared to 2005. Nevertheless, Q4 sales reached $63.3 million, a substantial increase over Q4/05 which totaled $52.8 million. The company's backlog remains almost at the 2005 level, at $346 million, with slight reduction of export orders offset by increased sales in Tadiran's domestic market (Israel).

Among the company's prominent sales in the last quarter of 2006 was the completion of a sale of $55 million in communications equipment to a country in Asia, receipt of an order worth $18 million for tactical radios for an African country, and receipt of a repeat order worth $20.5 million from the Israel MOD for new software defined radios. These radios are expected to provide the next generation tactical radios of the IDF. Another development in the past quarter was the increase of US DOD framework contract (IDIQ) awarded to Tadiran's subsidiary by 35 million. The contract provides for supply and support of SINCGARS systems for the US forces.


About Tadiran Communications

Israel's Tadiran Communications is specialized in military communications, offering a wide range terrestrial communications for tactical and strategic levels. About 70% of its sales are export oriented. Its product offering includes hand held, portable and vehicular versions of advanced combat net radios, including latest generation software defined radios, and personal communicators employed with infantry teams, point-to-point and wide area communications, based on commercial WiMAX standards.



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