German Consortium Seeks New Partners for
a New Submarine Weapon

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November 28, 2006: New Submarine Weapon Tested Successfully In the Presence of International Guests Diehl BGT began test flying of the prototype IDAS (Interactive Defence and Attack System for Submarines), a new submarine launched self-defense weapon. IDAS has been designed as multi-purpose weapon for self-defence against aerial and surface threats up to medium-sized warships. The missile can also engage land based targets with high precision. IDAS will be particularly effective against ASW helicopters, which pose the worst threat to the modern submarine.

The IDAS missile uses a combination of image-generating IR seeker and fiber-optical waveguide, enabling the operator to assist in missile guidance through end of the mission, from his position in the submerged submarine. Such capability enable the operator to select a new target while the missile is flying, or select a specific impact point on the terminal phase. The IDAS program is under development by the ARGE IDAS group, of Diehl BGT Defence, Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. As of November 2006, the program completed the initial experimental study, and proceeded to test flights, to be followed by a two-year predevelopment phase. The consortium is now seeking to interest potential buyers and new partners, to support the development program.



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