UK MoD Selects UKMFTS Group

Outsources Flight Training of All Services for next 25 years

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C4ISR & Net Centric
Combat Aircraft
Fire Support
Future Combat Systems
Homeland Security
Infantry Warfare
Logistics & Support
Naval Systems
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Protection & Survivability
Special Operations CT
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Unmanned Systems
Defense Exhibitions

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The Ministry of Defense selected Ascent, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and VT Group, as the preferred bidder for the UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS), providing military flying training to the UK Armed Forces for the next 25 years. The group will train all new UK military aircrew across the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Army Air Corps, starting from aircrew selection up to the point the students are ready to fly in their operational aircraft. UKMFTS is considered the first step in a multi-billion pound program to overhaul military flying training. The program addresses all training needs of the entire flying element of the UK front line, from fast-jet pilots and weapons systems operators, to rotary and multi-engine pilots, and all the rear crew disciplines.

Under UKMFTS, the MoD maintains the training output requirements and standards while providing elements such as airfields, fuel and instructors. Ascent will design the overall system and deliver the training capability. The role also includes delivering Lockheed Martin's Training Management Information System and the procurement of aircraft platforms and simulators. VT already runs the Tucano logistics and maintenance program and the Light Aircraft Flying Training program for the RAF. Lockheed Martin was recently awarded a 20 year contract with the Republic of Singapore Air Force to provide flight training for their pilot candidates.



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