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IDF Ground Forces Digitalization Program

Elbit Systems is the prime integrator of the multi-year Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Army Digitalization Program, with an estimated budget above US$200 million. Under the Program,  existing ground forces Command, Control and Communications (C3) systems of the ground forces will be integrated with new broadband networks, combining systems and applications to be developed by Elbit Systems, the prime contractor as well as other subcontractors, including Tadiran Systems and Rafael. The Program includes development, supply and support of software and hardware, such as command and control consoles and terminals, Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications terminals, high capacity data radios, and broadband Line-of-Sight communications which will enable deployable broadband communications from the national command level to the lowest tactical elements. Command posts throughout the army will be upgraded, with the introduction of new infrastructure, offering data communications and image processing and dissemination capability.

Substantial procurement of common C3 hardware is expected to be procured in the USA funded by US Foreign Military Sales. This procurement will be in addition to the local funding for system design, development and implementation. Elbit won the competition in 2002 and finalized the contract by December 2004 The deployment of the entire system is not expected before the next decade.







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