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Elta Enters Integrated Security Market

Elta Electronics Industries, an IAI subsidiary, has introduced a new "total area security" solutions, based on its unique surveillance products, as well as complementary sensors and systems provided by other IAI subsidiaries and subcontractors.

Elta is focusing its I3300 security systems on advanced perimeter, ground surveillance radars and coastal radar systems augmented by passive electro-optical sensors and remote sensing perimeter systems, such as the security fences manufactured by Magal Security Systems, a leader in the security market, where IAI has ownership of 20 percent. IAI subsidiaries such as Malat UAV plant and Tamam electro-optics specialists will also provide relevant systems. The ability to look deep inside the enemy area is maintained by the use of aerostats and towers. The redundancy of sensor types ensures continued operation in day, night and in adverse weather. Elta's sales in the field of border protection totals at present approximately $200 million.

Elta and Magal are currently bidding on the pending Israel Ministry of Defense buffer zone protection system, where the IDF plans to install 110 kilometers of obstacles, separating Samaria from the central region of Israel, and engulfing the municipal borders of Jerusalem, where suicide attacks took heavy toll of Israeli civilians in recent months. The cost of the program is estimated at $250 million and its completion is expected by early 2003.






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