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Merkava Mk4 Unveiled

The new generation of the Merkava tank will be unveiled tomorrow June 24 by the Israel Defense Forces and Ministry of Defense. The new tank, a fourth generation of the Israeli tank, is currently in production, and is expected to enter operational status with a regular tank brigade, replacing older M-60 (Magach) tanks currently in service.

Merkava 4 implements a new protection concept which uses modular armour, augmented with active, passive or reactive modules, to suite threat and operational requirements. Its 120mm gun is also modified to sustain higher pressures, resulting in improved range and penetration performance.

The development of the Merkava contributed extensive knowhow and systems to other tank upgrading programs, and was an essential consideration in the Turkish government selection of the IMI proposal, to upgrade close to 1,000 M-60 tanks to the Sabra II configuration. Some 200 domestic and foreign subcontractors and suppliers are participating in the Merkava Mk4 program.



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