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Tavor 2 under development at IMI

evelopment of Tavor-2 is underway at Israel Military Industries (IMI), as part of the Future Infantry Warrior program, launched by the IDF Ground Forces Command. Tavor 2 is designed as an integral part of the Infantry Combat System and provides a major increase in lethality and survivability for the individual infantryman and to the infantry squad. Based on the standard Tavor, the new weapon will integrate integral fire control, and the capability to fire support weapon such as rifle grenades, from the standard weapon.

Left: A demonstration of the IDF Future Infantry Warrior concept, currently underway at the IDF Land Forces Command and Elbit Systems. Above: A concept design of the Tavor 2 assault rifle.

Tavor 2 will be equipped with a day/night sight, miniature laser rangefinder and target marker, (known as MPRS) which will enable the user to engage targets rapidly and accurately, at high precision. The weapon uses four pushbuttons – to activate the weapon’s systems, sending images and report positions, to the battlefield management systems. The Tavor 2 weapon will also include the fire control and firing systems for a new squad support, augmented lethality munitions, under development at IMI.


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  Updated: 11/02/2005


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