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120mm version of the Lahat Laser Guided missiles designed for 120mm tank guns

Test of a 120mm Lahat missile, fired from an
IDF Merkava Mk3 tank

A series of live firing tests of the LAHAT - Laser Guided anti-tank missile developed by IAI/MBT included the firing of 120mm missiles, adapted for smooth-bore guns used on Merkava Mk3, Merkava Mk4, Leopard 2 and M-1A1/A2 tanks. Other live firing tests are including testing of Lahat with IAI/TRW Hunter UAV system. IAI has already secured an initial order for Lahat, and the missile is planned to reach production stage soon. The missile is also designed for employment from launch tubes, where it cound be deployed from fixed positions, light vehicles or APCs.



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  Updated: 11/28/2004


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