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US Army Plans Testing of Lahat Laser Guided missiles on Hunter UAVs

Lahat missile launched from a Mi-17 helicopter testbed
Four Lahat missiles loaded on a lightweight launcher. The entire assembly weighs less than 160 Lbs.The US Army and TRW are planning to test an armed version of the IA/TRW Hunter UAV system, equipped with the IAI/MBT Lahat laser guided missile. IAI has already secured an initial order for Lahat, and the missile is planned to reach production stage soon. The missile is designed for employment from 105mm - 120mm tank guns, as well as from launch tubes. Providing a test and integration platform for US Army UAV activities, the Hunter is also being evaluated with the MOSP sensor payloads that provide higher resolution and allow the air vehicle to fly higher, day or night, and at a greater standoff distance. Provided by IAIís Tamam subsidiary, the new sensors include a third-generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sensor and a spotter for the Hunterís day camera.




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