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Rafael and BAE Systems offer advanced decoys to submarines, surface vessels

Rafael is unveiling two new torpedo decoy systems, produced in a cooperation with BAE Systems. The SUBSCUT adaptive decoy is Based on Rafael's Scutter submarine expandable torpedo decoy system and BAE System's ADC Mk 2 decoy. SUBSCUT will provide reactive countermeasures, and be able to react simultaneously to simultaneous threats and overcome all known acoustic countermeasures used by modern torpedoes. SUBSCUT will be launched from the submarines signal ejector (SSE) tube or from external launchers. A different version, designated LESCUT is designed for the protection of surface vessels, can be launched from standard Super RBOC Mk-36 chaff rocket or mortar launchers or by pneumatic launchers.

According to the cooperation agreement, BAE Systems will produce the hardware which will be matched with miniaturized electronics boards and and software, derived from the Scutter program. Scutter is currently designed to fit standard 4" SSE tubes, and the announced cooperation will enable the company to penetrate the US and UK markets, operating 3" tubes.






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  Updated: 11/28/2004


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