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Israel Navy Acquire new Fast Patrol Boats

In January 2002, the Israeli Navy announced its plans to acquired eight new Fast Patrol Boats (FPB) including six Super Dvora Mk III and two Shaldag II FPBs. The navy has options to order two more Shaldag ships. Deliveries are scheduled for late 2003. This order is a part of a US$40 million fleet modernization program that comprised of replacements of old Dvora class FPBs with new Israel Shipyards Shaldag II and IAI/Ramta Super Dvora Mk III types which are an improved versions of the Dvora class currently in service. Both vessels are faster than existing FPBs in Israel Navy service, and capable of operations at extended ranges of up to 700 nautical miles. Israel Shipyards has also modified its standard design to be compatible with many components and systems of the Super Dvora, to simplify the Navy logistics support. The new FPBs will be equipped with Elbit/El-Op MSIS and COMPASS EO systems and RAFAEL Typhoon stabilized gun mounts.

It is assumed that the new FPBs will be most potent in the southern coastal area, where the Israeli Navy is tasked with securing and sealing of the coastline between Rafah and of Gaza, where Palestinians are constantly attempting to infiltrate weapons, rockets and explosives from Lebanon and Egypt. This sector is also an extensive fishing area, rich in mineral resources. The use of faster, more potent, and maneuverable patrol boats will extend the Israel Navy operational flexibility, and improve its deterrence against potential threats, while minimizing the impact on civilian activities. According to Adm. Yedidiyah Yaari, Commander in Chief of the Israel Navy, the primary role of the new FPBs will be used for coastal patrols and anti-terrorist activities. However, their deployment in ASW role will also be evaluated.

September 2006: The Israeli Navy (IN) ordered seven new Fast Patrol Boats from IAI/Ramta and Israel Shipyards, to replace its obsolete Dvora and Dabur FPBs. The new order includes Super Dvora Mk III and Shaldag II FPBs, types which are scheduled to become operational within the next two years. Both types are operational with the IN since 2003.










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