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RAFAEL Typhoon Selected For
New Australian Patrol Boats

The Australian Navy selected RAFAELís Typhoon Mk 25 stabilized weapon system for the new patrol boats planned for procurement next year. Typhoon is a stabilized gun mount, accommodating the 25mm marine Bushmaster gun produced by Alliant TechSystems. The current type of patrol boats use Bofors 40mm gun installed on an unstabilized mount. The replacement of Australian patrol boats will be announced in 2003.

General Motors Defense Australia will build the weapon mounts in Adelaide, Australia, under license by RAFAEL. The Australian partner will also propose provide life cycle support for the Typhoons. The expected contract value for the acquisition and support of the gun systems over the first 15 years of their operational life is about $50 million. This contract will be placed through the successful prime contractor for the Replacement Patrol Boats to be announced in the first half of 2003.






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  Updated: 11/28/2004


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