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Merkava Based ARV Designed for Merkava Mk4 Deployments

The IDF is developing a new Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) to support the Merkava Mk4 fleet. The new ARV is utilizing the Merkava Mk3 chassis, fitted with lifting arm, with 50 ton/m moment, and towing capability of 35t pulling capacity. The spacious interior is fitted for a full team of eight mechanics, commander and driver. The rear door was also enlarged, to enable easy access to the crew compartment. The new vehicle is also fitted with a special cradle, accommodating a spare powerpack, for rapid replacement in the field. The Merkava ARV is also provided with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) driving 24V, 220V and air pressure for an entire array of tools required for field repairs.

The new vehicle is currently at a concept phase, it is undergoing operational field testing with the first Merkava Mk4 unit. The lessons learned in these field evaluations are expected to lead to future procurement decisions. The IDF currently operates specialized versions of the US M88 M-60 based ARVs, as well as the Heavy Recovery Vehicles, which are used for field support of armoured units.

Photos: Above - A front view of the new Merkava ARV. Top: SIde view - This new design will probably lead to more AFV versions, including combat engineering, bridge carrier or evacuation vehicle.








  Updated: July 9, 2002


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