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Turkey Re-opens Attack Helicopter Bid


Following an unresolved disagreement about the procurement of 50 advanced helicopters from Bell Textron, Turkey is planning to hold parallel negotiations with Bell and the competing bidder, Russian-Israeli team, headed by Kamov.

The Russian Israeli team originally proposed the Ka-50-2 (Above) Turkey and Bell disagreed on several grounds, including the cost and configuration of the AH-1Z King Cobra attack helicopters (below), Erdogan, specially modified, side-by side seating configuration of the Ka-50 helicopter, armed with up to two tons of armament and ammunition, including up to 12 supersonic Vikhr laser guided missiles, rockets and a rapid firing 30 mm gun. The helicopter was offered with comprehensive "Glass Cockpit" systems and countermeasures suite.

The Bell AH-1Z incorporate the new low signature four blade rotor, up to eight Hellfire missiles and stinger missiles. Turkey is planning to buy 145 new helicopters. The estimated cost of the initial phase was $1.5 billion. The contract with Bell was expected to include significant Turkish participation, with local production by Turkish Aircraft Industries (TAI), with the Target Sight System fire control subcontracting by Aselsan. General Electric was expected to provide the T-700-GE-701 engines.





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