Patriot PAC-3 Missiles To Equip Fighter Aircraft?

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Lockheed Martin will experiment with a potential air-launched derivative of the Patriot Advanced Capability – (PAC-3), for Air Launched Hit-To-Kill (ALHTK) application. The Lockheed Martin initiative began as risk assessment, concluded in April 2006 identifying the concept's feasibility, and is now progressed to a Risk Reduction/Concept Definition Phase funded Missile defense Agency (MDA) US$ 3 million award.

"PAC-3 Missiles would provide Combat Air Patrols or scrambled interceptor aircraft the ability to defeat cruise missiles and intercept ballistic missiles in asymmetric defense and boost phase applications" says Mike Trotsky, vice president - Air and Missile Defense at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. The initial operational concept would fit in with North American Air Defense operational architecture, fielded at first on F-15C fighter aircraft. Future spiral development plans may aim to equip other aircraft with the capability.




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