British Team to Explore Vehicle Survivability Enhancements

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QinetiQ will develop and demonstrate advanced layered protection concepts, improving the survivability of armored vehicles as part of the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) Vehicle Technology Integration Demonstrator (VTID) program. The program's objectives are to evaluate survivability and protection solutions beyond traditional armor. The program will assess a wide range of survivability solutions, from visual awareness and sensor suites, disrupters and interceptors and ‘soft’ solutions like smoke, through to active camouflage and electric armor. Initial trials, using an FV432 vehicle demonstrator are expected in 2009.

The £9.8 million program will span over three years and involve defense companies such as Thales UK, Ultra Electronics’ - Electrics, SciSys, SVGC, and BAE Systems, the motor racing group WilliamsF1 and teams from the York and Sussex Universities.

QinetiQ plans to introduce ‘plug-&-play’ approach, implementing solutions that can operate independently to existing systems and improve overall levels of vehicle survivability. The program will address solutions that could be applied to both new and legacy vehicles. The program will investigate existing architectures and use underpinning research, along with previous trials, to ‘fast-track’ systems that will deliver near term benefits.



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