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China Publicly Unveil J-10 Fighter

The Chinese state-run media made the first official disclosure of the new-generation indigenous Jian-10 (J-10) fighter aircraft on 29 December 2006, stating that the aircraft had already entered operational service with the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). J-10 is designed for air combat and ground attack, and is capable of launching precision attack weapons. It is equipped for aerial refuelling, to support extended range operations. The new fighter project had remained highly classified since it commenced in the late 1980s. The declassification of the J-10 fighter may also suggest that the aircraft would soon become available for export market. Photo:
(more details, video & photos).
J-10 unveiled, in service with Chinese Air Force.  Image:

Missile Defense Agency Awards $619 Million for THAAD Production

Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $619 million contract to begin low rate production of two lead systems of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Weapon System scheduled for fielding by 2009. Once fielded, THAAD will network with other systems and sensors to provide the layered missile defense capability required for the future. The program is managed by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). As the system transitions into production, Israel has informed the USA of its interest in possibly integrating THAAD capabilities into its missile defense program, to extend the country's defense against potential nuclear threats.

USAF B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, soon to receive Link 16s

USAF B-2 Stealth Bombers To Receive Link 16s

The fleet of B-2 Spirit Stealth bombers will sonn receive Link-16 communications datalinks, improving the bomber's integration to support tactical operations. These datalinks will feed targeting information including image and video directly to individual bombs. Other future upgrades will include radar updates, which will enable the B-2's weaponry to reach targets further underground.

General Tactical Vehicles - New Joint Venture Bids on JLTV

AM General and General Dynamics Land Systems today announced they will form a joint venture to compete for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program. The new joint venture company called General Tactical Vehicles will locate in the Detroit metropolitan area to leverage the best of American automotive technology and military research and development to deliver the JLTV. Lockheed Martin, Armor Holdings have already Teamed to bid on the JLTV program in October 06.

US Army, Raytheon to embark on a $1.5 billion JLENS Aerostat borne radar  systemRaytheon, Army Agree on US$1.4 Billion JLENS development Program

Raytheon Company recently completed negotiations with the U.S. Army resulting in finalizing a $1.4 Billion contract modification for system development and demonstration of the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS). System testing is scheduled to begin in 2010 with program completion in 2012. JLENS systems will provides persistent, wide-area cruise missile detection and tracking, detecting ballistic missiles at their boost phase, tracking ground targets and providing elevated communications capabilities.

Israel Seeking to extend Arrow Integration to THAAD, SM-3

Israel is interested in integrating its into its missile defense program with deployable U.S.missile defenses, such as the ground based THAAD and naval AEGIS SM-3 systems. Such integration will enable full interoperability between Israeli made Arrow, and U.S. Patriot missiles and the new missile interceptors developed for the US Missile Defense Agency, to enhance defenses against potential nuclear attack from Iran, if and when this country acquires nuclear capability for its long range missiles.

US Army Orders New and Upgraded Chinooks

Boeing awarded new construction, remanufacturing of up to 66 CH-47F ChinooksBoeing was awarded over US$1.5 Billion for the remanufacturing and new construction of up to 66 Chinook CH-47F helicopters. Over $624 million will be allocated for modification and 'remanufacturing' of nine Chinooks into CH-47F standard and construction of 16 new helicopters to be delivered within a year (early 2008). Additional $920 Million are allocated for options for remanufacturing of 19 and production of 22 additional new helicopters.

Boeing Reports GPS III Progress

Boeing has successfully completed a critical U.S. Air Force review of its Global Positioning System (GPS) Space Segment III program in November 06 and has been awarded a $50 million contract for additional system design activities. The review was part of a $10 million follow-on order to the Phase A Concept Development Contract awarded in 2004. The U.S. Air Force is expected to award the multi-billion dollar GPS III contract in 2007.

Raven CROWS to Protect Australian Bushmasters

Recon Optical is equipping 44 Australian Bushmasters with the RAVEN R-400 Stabilized Remotely Controlled Weapon System. The systems will be integrated by Electro Optic Systems, Limited (EOS) of Australia on the vehicle, upgraded as part of ADI/THALES Australia's Project Bushranger. The value of these 44 systems was US$5.5 Million. Recon Optical has teamed with EOS for several years, to provide fire control and sensor components for the U.S. Army's CROWS program.

Norwegian Army to Upgrade M113s

BAE Systems has received a $29.7 million contract from the Norwegian Defence Procurement Division for the development and delivery of 72 M113 upgrade kits, comprising power pack, air conditioning system, suspension and track system kits to be delivered through November 2008. The contract also includes options for 34 additional kits.


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