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Puma GCVModified Puma, Hybrid Armored Vehicle up for U.S. Army GCV Selection

Crows 2U.S. Army Expand CROWS II Contract to Cover More Spares, Repairs

MAPSDiehl BGT Demonstrates Mutual Active Protection System (MAPS)

EFVGates Recommends Cancelling the Procurement of USMC’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Unmanned TurretElbit Systems Wins $260 Million Contract to Deliver Unmanned 30mm Turrets for Brazil’s VBTP-MR Guarani

New Guided Missiles, Programmable Munitions Enhancing the Infantry Precision Fire Effects

Land Systems report

Defense Update Land Systems Channel - January 2011

DARPA Challenge Aims at a new Breed of Light Armed Scouts

RPA has announced a new ‘challenge’ for the development of a concept vehicle utilizing flexible and innovative manufacturing, enabling the military to rapidly adapt to changing battlefield requirements. Past DARPA challenges addressed autonomous mobility in open and urban terrain, development of armor protection systems and the development of lean manufacturing technologies. (Read More...)

Puma GCVModified Puma, Hybrid Armored Vehicle up for U.S. Army GCV Selection

Three teams, led by General Dynamics, SAIC and BAE Systems are competing for U.S. Army $450 million technology demonstration contracts to demonstrate vehicle platforms that could  evolve in 7 years into the Ground Combat Vehicle, the U.S. Army future infantry carrier. (Read More...)

Three Industry Teams Submit Proposals for the U.S. Army Future Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV)

Three tag teams are in for yet another round of wrestling for future armored vehicle championship. As always, the teams are the same. As before, the championship prize is the Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV), with competing teams leaders are General Dynamics, BAE Systems and SAIC. (Read More...)

CROWS IIU.S. Army Expand CROWS II Contract to Cover More Spares, Repairs

The US Army has increased the ongoing framework contract for Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station II (CROWS II) with about US$77 million (451 million Norwegian Krones) for the purchase of spare parts. Of this amount, the company received purchase orders for valued $62 million for spares and repairs. (Read More...)

MAPSDiehl BGT Demonstrates Mutual Active Protection System (MAPS)

A new active protection system was successfully demonstrated two months ago in Germany, by Diehl BGT Defence. The system known as Mutual Active Protection System (MAPS) was demonstrated on two days test series conducted 10-11 November, 2010, at the Federal Armed Forces Technical Centre WTD 91 Meppen, Germany. Representatives from the German military and international representatives from allied and international armed forces also attended the test. (Read More...)

EFVGates Recommends Cancelling the Procurement of USMC’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is recommending to cancel the procurement of the Marine Corps $15 billion amphibious ‘Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle’ (EFV) program. After spending $3 billion in the development of this vehicle, the program is currently at a crossroad, transitioning into production, terminating it at this phase represent a ‘bargain’ to the bean counters, as everything spent on the program is sunk cost while future year-outlays are still minimal. (Read More...)

Unmanned TurretElbit Systems Wins $260 Million Contract to Deliver Unmanned 30mm Turrets for Brazil’s VBTP-MR Guarani

Brazil’s ministry of Defense awarded Aeroeletronica (AEL) was a multi-year framework contract by worth up R$440 million Brazilian Reais (approximately $260 million), for the delivery of ‘several hundreds’ UT30BR unmanned gun turrets. The new turrets mounting 30mm automatic cannons will be integrated on VBTP-MR Guarani 6×6 armored vehicles developed by IVECO. (Read More...)

“The Corps will never be defined by a program, but rather by the capabilities we bring to the fight”

“We ought not to look back, unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors and for the purpose of profiting by dear bought experience.” (George Washington)
Written By LtGen. George Flynn, Commander, Marine Corps Combat Development Support. (Read The Analysis)

MissilesSpecial Feature: Infantry Multi-Purpose Missiles

Man portable, light weight missile systems were used extensively in recent years. U.S. Javelin missiles are regularly used in Afghanistan by U.S, and British forces, side by side with the Israeli Spike, used by the Dutch, Italian and Spanish among others. Javelin has been used extensively in Iraq, employed as a short and medium range precision guided weapon targeting insurgents in buildings, vehicles and at suspected sniper positions. (Read More...)


New Guided Missiles, Programmable Munitions Enhancing The Infantry Precision Fire Effects

The 'Smart Weapon' approach is a more complex, expensive solution that could offer much higher precision – at the disadvantage of weight, complexity and cost. Lightweight weapons employ 'fire and forget' systems, enabling the missile to home-in on a designated target. Missiles are packing 'tandem' warheads for direct attack or Explosive Formed Projectile warheads for 'top attack', both capable of defeating even the world's heaviest, most protected tanks. (Read More...)

MissilesEnhancing The New Spike Family

The Israeli Spike missile was developed by Rafael to meet IDF requirement for an infantry operated, precision guided weapon capable of defeating enemy armor from long distance. The missile employs electro-optical guidance and is provided in a 'fire and forget' variant or 'fire and forget/fire and update' variant, equipped with fiber-optical link maintaining optional 'man in the loop' control throughout the engagement. (Read More...)

MissilesNew Javelins on the Horizon

The FMG-148 Javelin man portable guided missile has been widely accepted among the leading modern anti-tank weapons. To bring the weapon up-to-date with current and future requirements, particularly regarding hybrid warfare, the U.S. Army plans to field by 2014 the 'Javelin Increment II' weapon system - an enhanced version of the missile. (Read More...)

MissilesFrom Anti-Tank to Multi-Purpose

 These modern missiles were designed exclusively as anti-tank weapons, providing dismounted infantry an effective counter-armor capability. However, in asymmetric warfare absent of heavily armored targets, these weapons may not be as effective. Hybrid Warfare, which combines elements of guerilla and 'empty battlefield' with the high lethality of full scale war provides opportunities for the use of such weapons. For example, the Russian Metis M was used by the Hezbollah against the Israeli armor, and has, along with its larger sibling Kornet, had few engagements in Iraq as well. As mentioned above, Javelin missiles were fired at Iraqi T-72 tanks in 2003. (Read More...)

MissilesMiniaturization of the Infantry Weapons's Components

Today, western armies are equipping their dismounted infantry with light anti-tank weaponry. These compact, short range missiles are designed to be effective at ranges of about 600 meters, and are fired safely from enclosure. (Read More...)




Smart Launchers for Smarter Munitions

Designing a portable weapon that will providing a significant effect yet, remain compact and lightweight enough for dismounted combat poses a great challenge for designers. Some favor the 'smart ammunition' strategy while others opt for 'smart launcher' approach. The smart launcher employs the sensors, fire control and ballistic computing, to provide the best available aiming solution, to score a direct hit. Others enhance it with programmable fusing to achieve an optimal 'airburst' effect. (Read More...)