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CenturionRaytheon Awards More Contracts for Mobile Centurion Subsystems

Lockheed Martin Awarded +$900 Million Order for ‘Tactical Missiles’ for UAE, Taiwan

GBI FAILU.S. Missile Interceptor Fails on Missile Defense Test

North Korean ‘smoking gun’ spotted: Rocket Launchers in Positions aimed at South Korean Yeonpyeong island

asterSAMP/T Successful on First European Missile Defense Intercept Test

Saudi Arabia to Buy Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles

Triple Target Terminator
Next Generation Air Dominance Missiles

Long Range Strike Missile
Next Generation Missiles - LRASM

Missiles Systems Report

Defense Update Missiles Systems & Fires Channel - December 2010

Photo above: The U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has launched the development of next generation Aegis missiles, to enhance sea and land-based missile defense systems toward the next decade. Photo: MDA

centurion systemRaytheon Awards More Contracts for Mobile Centurion Subsystems

Raytheon has awarded Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc. a subcontract worth US$5.7 million providing for rugged single board computers (SBC), digital signal processors (DSP) and buffer memory cards to be used with the Centurion Counter-Mortar and Rocket Weapon System destined for the U.S. Army. (Read More...)

Lockheed Martin Awarded $218 to Test Six New Anti-Ship Missiles

Lockheed Martin continues toward demonstrating the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) weapon capability under the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA). The company has received two contracts worth $218 million for the rapid development and demonstration of both variants – a stealthy air-launched variation and a high-speed ship-launched missile. (Read More...)

MLRSLockheed Martin Awarded +$900 Million Order for ‘Tactical Missiles’ for UAE, Taiwan

On December 20, 2010 the Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin an order worth over $916 million, for the delivery of 226 ‘tactical missiles’ and 24 launcher modification kits, plus logistical support to be delivered under Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to the UAE and Taiwan. (Read More...)

GBI FAILU.S. Missile Interceptor Fails on Missile Defense Test

The U.S. missile defense system failed an intercept test earlier today, as a Ground Based Interceptor failed to destroy an intermediate-range ballistic missile target launched from the Kwajalein Atoll, over 7,500 km (4,600 miles) across the pacific Ocean. The test was delayed from Dec. 14 due to weather conditions. (Read More...)


Agni iiAgni II Plus Fails First Flight Test

Test launch of India’s latest nuclear capable ballistic missile failed this morning, after the Agni II Plus (A-2) ballistic missile plunged into the Bay of Bengal few seconds after liftoff from India’s Integrated Test Range(ITR) at Wheeler Island at the eastern state of Orissa. (Read More...)

BM-21North Korean ‘smoking gun’ spotted: Rocket Launchers in Positions aimed at South Korean Yeonpyeong island

The image in this post, taken by Israel’s Eros B satellite, obtained by Defense Update from the satellite operator Imagesat, shows the empty firing positioned lined up on the roadside, from where the North fired about 200 rockets. A standard 122mm BM-21 rocket battery comprises six vehicles, each carrying 40 ready to fire rockets in launch tubes. (Read More...)

SAMP/T Successful on First European Missile Defense Intercept Test

France carried out the first ballistic missile intercept with the SAMP/T Surface-to-Air Medium Range missile system last month; however, the news release about the test was delayed by one month. Considered an important milestone in the development of European missile defense capability, the test was conducted on 18 October 2010 at the DGA Missile Launch Test Centre (CELM) in Biscarosse in southwest France. (Read More...)


Turkey is Seeking its Own Missile Defense

Eurosam, the consortium producing SAMP-T is currently competing against U.S, Russian and Chinese bidders for a Turkish national missile defense project expected to be worth $2 billion. Turkey is seeking to establish a national missile defense that will be separate from the NATO missile defense shield launched by the European alliance in Lisbon last week. (Read More...)

JavelinSaudi Arabia to Buy Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles

Saudi Arabia is buying a small batch of FGM-148 Javelin guided missiles, in what seems a precursor for a larger buy of this infantry guided weapon for the Saudi military. The current $71 million sale announced last week by the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) includes 150 missiles and 20 Command Launch Units (CLUs) and day/night thermal sights, a number that could equip about one infantry battalion. (Read More...)

New Missiles to Extend Offensive, Defensive Capabilities of the U.S. Navy

The U.S. military is embarking on several new missile development programs promising to change the rules of air- and naval warfare as it is fought today. Many of the new programs are tailored for forward deployment with the naval surface fleet, with the majority of new missiles to be deployed in and fired from Vertical Launch Systems used on U.S. Navy surface ships, introducing new capabilities and extended reach for surface combatants. With these innovations the VLS is proving once again the success of the modular design approach pursued by the Navy, enabling the service to extend the life of its combatants without major changes to the hardware and with minimal down time for the vessels. (Read More...)

Next Generation AEGIS Missile

Next Generation AEGIS missile (Standard Missile 3 Block IIB – SM-3 IIB) which entered preliminary development phase in November 2010 under a U.S. Missile defense Agency program, is expected, enhancing the capabilities of future AEGIS cruisers to defeat ballistic missiles by extending their range and sensor capability to target ballistic missiles on the ascent phase of their flight. Three companies were awarded development contracts to demonstrate conceptual designs – Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. While Raytheon, the manufacturer of all Standard Missiles has not been mentioned in relation to this future program it is likely that they will again partner with Lockheed Martin for this development. The two companies have recently extended their cooperation to support the Ground Based Interceptor missile. (read more...)

Long Range Strike MissileLockheed Martin to Develop a New, Long Range Strike Missile for the U.S. Navy

The new anti-ship missile and its associated systems will extend the effective attack range of Navy warships beyond current or projected enemy anti-air and anti-ship capabilities. The new missile is required to counter the perceived threat from China, equipped with land based or shipborne ballistic missiles capable of targeting U.S. Carrier groups from a distance of hundreds of kilometers away. (read more...)

Triple Target TerminatorNext Generation Air Dominance Missiles

DARPA has awarded two competitive development contracts to Boeing and raytheon, to conduct conceptual design and development of a multi-mission air/air and air/ground missile dubbed 'Triple Target Terminator' (T3). The program, part of the agency's advanced weapons initiative, is pursuing a high speed, long-range missile that can engage enemy aircraft, cruise missile and air defense targets. T3 will be designed for internal carriage on stealth aircraft like the F-35, F-22 and F-15SE, or externally on fighters, bombers and UAVs. (read more...)

Distributed Aperture System Tracks Ballistic Missiles from 1,300 km Away

Manned and unmanned aircraft equipped with omni-directional 'Distributed Aperture System' (DAS) imaging infrared systems could be used effectively to provide early warning on missile launches. Such systems covering a full hemisphere, can spot missiles as they break over the horizon and automatically track their hot flame from long distance, throughout their ascent phase. (read more...