Israel's Arrow Missile Successful in 15th Ballistic Missile Intercept Test

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Israel conducted yesterday the 15th test of the IAI/Arrow Missile System, intercepting a ballistic missile target missile with an Arrow-2 missile. The test took place at 9:18 p.m., the first time such test is conducted at night time. This intercept was designed to demonstrate the Arrow's capability and defeat threats farther and higher than before, hinting at its capabilities to defeat potential nuclear threats. It also tested the system's ability to operate as a network of interceptors units and sensors located at multiple and dispersed locations, contributing to the system's efficiency, probability of kill and survivability.

The target missile was a RAFAEL Black Sparrow, fired from an Israel Air Force F-15 fighter jet. RAFAEL produces the Black Sparrow, simulating the SCUD class missiles operated by Syria, and the more agile Blue Sparrow, simulating faster, long range, more agile targets such as the Iranian Shihab 3.

For the first time, the test included two Arrow batteries, one located near the Mediterranean coast at the Palmahim Air Force Base and another, based in Ein-Shemer in central Israel. According to Jerusalem Post, the launcher used in the test was an upgraded version and was fitted with active protection that defends the system against enemy attacks and the interceptor missile used was one of the new series of missiles, built in cooperation with Boeing in the USA. The missile performed the intercept of the target missile at an altitude higher than previous tests, simulating an intercept of a targets which are expected in the future, such as nuclear tipped long range missiles which could be launched from Inar.

While Israel continues to develop and enhance the Arrow-2 through a series of block upgrades (currently, Block 3 is in progress and Block 4 is planned), the Israel MOD is investing significant resources in an attempt to counter the short and medium range rockets and missiles while future defenses from ballistic missiles could be based on new U.S. developed systems such as THAAD and AEGIS.

A rare view into the Arrow weapon system "cube" battle management center (Photo: Defense Update"
A rare view into the Arrow weapon system "cube" battle management center (Photo: Defense Update)



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