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USS John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Arrives in 5th Fleet
USS John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group Arrives in 5th Fleet

The USS John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group (JCSSG) entered the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations (AOO) Feb.19 to conduct Maritime Security Operations (MSO) in regional waters, as well as to provide support for ground forces operating in Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S. 5th Fleet’s AOO encompasses 2.5 million square miles of water and includes the Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman and parts of the Indian Ocean. The strike group comprises the the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), with Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 9 on board, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON)21 with the guided-missile cruiser USS Antietam (CG 54), guided-missile destroyers USS O’Kane (DDG 77) and USS Preble (DDG 88), and the fast combat-support ship USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10).

USMC Awards $79 million for foreign MRAP designs

The second batch of orders worth of a total US$79 million for low-rate initial production MRAP vehicles were issued this week. The vehicles include the South African designed RG-31, the Alpha, designed by PVI and produced by Oshkosh, and the new Israeli-American Golan vehicle, designed under a joint Israeli-US cooperation between RAFAEl and PVI. The three manufacturers received orders for a total of 180 vehicles.

IDEX 07: UAE Announces $360 Million Arms Deals

During the recent IDEX 07 show, closing today, the UAE Armed Forces announced that it has signed deals with worth Dhs 1340 million (over US$360 million) with local and international companies participating at show. According to Major General Obaid Al Ketbi, Chief of Logistics at the UAE Armed Forces, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with EADS, to purchase three air tankers. General Al Ketbi also told reporters that the army was in talks with American communications supplier Harris to purchase telecommunication equipment worth Dhs 240 million ($65 million). Other orders were made with local companies. the services is procuring 12 fast patrol boats worth Dhs.127 million ($34.5 million) with the Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company (ADSB). International Golden Group, won a contract from the Armed Forces worth Dhs 390 million (106 million) to supply 120mm mortars, The general also announced an Dhs18 million ($5 million) order of 10,000 pistols procured from the local arms producer Caracal.

Bundeswehr Launches €520 CH-53 Helicopter Upgrade

CH-53G helicopters operating with the German Army Aviation will begin a six year modernization program carried out by EADS' Eurocopter, under a €520 million program awarded by the Federal Office for military technology and procurement (BWB). The current program will modify 40 of the 80 CH-53s currently in service. The helicopter's modernization will focus on avionic improvements, particularly the introduction of a glass cockpit, to be supplied by Rockwell Collins, comprising four large screens, color LCDs replacing most of the flight instruments used in the original model. Advanced communications suite including datalinks will also be introduced, enabling these old workhorses to integrate with the most advanced models operated by the German Army Aviation, including NH-90 and Tiger. The helicopter will also get advanced self protection systems and FLIR enabling all weather operations capability. The program is scheduled to complete by 2013.

A view of the new glass cocpit instrumentation to be installed in the modernized German Army CH-53G. The system s will be provided by Eockwell Collins.

IMI Develops new Hybrid Armor to Defeat Sophisticated RSIEDs

IMI is developing a new hybrid (passive) armor designed to withstand commonly used types of Road-Side IEDs (RSIED), including the sophisticated Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFP) and Self Formed Fragmentation (SFF) charges. The unique combination of the new hybrid armor is the result of extensive study conducted at IMI, in an attempt to protect warfighters at levels beyond those offered by conventional armor, with cost effective armor suite that can defeat both prevailing and future threats.

Lightweight Prime Mover (LWPM) to Tow USMC's M777 Guns

The U.S. Marine Corps have received the initial four Lightweight Prime Mover (LWPM) vehicles from Lockheed Martin’s [NYSE: LMT] Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) program. The LWPM will tow the new M777 lightweight 155-mm artillery howitzer. After undergoing a production qualification test at the Nevada Automotive Test Center, the LWPM will undergo an operational field user’s evaluation. Under the current contract, the Marine Corps has the option for full-rate production of 120 LWPM vehicles.

CH-47F Chinook Helicopter Begins Operational Test Flights

Following the successful completion of U.S. Army acceptance and developmental flight testing in December 2006, the first production Boeing (BA) CH-47F Chinook helicopter has moved to the Operational Testing (OT) phase at Ft. Campbell, Ky. The flight tests will be conducted by Bravo Company, 7th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). The Army plans to field the first of 452 CH-47F helicopters in July 2007.

USAF Battlelab To Evaluate Cooperative UAV Operations

The United States Air Force will evaluate cooperative flight of several unmanned aircraft flying in constellation formation, while simultaneously distributing sensor control and viewing capability among multiple end users. The test will utilize the SkyForce Distributed Management System (DMS) developed by Proxy Aviation.

More Ravens for U.S. Army, Marines

The U.S. Army placed two orders totaling over $50 million with AeroVironment Corp., for the supply of RQ-11 Raven Small UAVs. These unmanned vehicles will be used by Army and U.S. marines

Interceptor - Unmanned Surface Vessel Unveiled

AAI has unveiled a new unmanned surface vessel (USV) dubbed Interceptor, which is under development under cooperation with two other U.S. based companies - Marine Robotic Vessels International (MRVI) and Sea Robotics (Company (SRC). Interceptor is an unmanned 6.5-metre craft, designed for security and public service applications such as anti-piracy patrol, harbor security and oil rig surveillance. The USV began sea trials in September 2006.

Interceptor USV Shown during sea trials.

Plasan Sasa Acquire Minority Holdings in a French Steel group

Israeli armor specialist Plasan Sasa announced the acquisition of 45% of the LSI Group, a French holding company for AMEFO, BERARD and AML, a manufacturing group of high hardness steel hulls and metal equipment for the automotive and military industries. Five months ago, Plasan announced the acquisition of Vermont Composites, a US based automotive composites business specializing in carbon fiber component parts for the automotive market. The recent acquisitions will expand Plasan's positions in two of its strategic markets, deepening the already established relationships within the military and automotive industries.


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