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Aero India PhotosAero India Photo Review

SU-30 Aero India 2011Aero-India 2011 Opens for Business!

Boeing NewGen TankerFinal KC-X Tanker Proposals Submitted by Boeing, EADS

JSOW-CRaytheon Conducts Free-Flight Demonstration of JSOW-C From F-16IN

Tejas SpyderDerby Missiles Selected to Arm India's Tejas Fighters

Helicopter Training SystemHelicopter Pilots to Join Air Combat Training

RC-12X uardrailU.S. Army to Fields RC-12X SIGINT Aircraft

APKWSLaser Guided APKWS II Rockets for USMC Harrier, Air Combat Command's Warthog

Indian AEW
New Configuration of Indian AEW Aircraft Unveiled

Elta, Bombardier Pursue Multi-Mission Aircraft Opportunities

Grob and Elbit Systems Offer ‘Intelligent Training for 21 Century Pilots’

SDS Introduces HeliEye Helmet Display For Helicopter Pilots

SU-30MKiUAC Pogosyan: The Time is right for Russian, Indian Cooperation

PAK-FARussia, India Launch Joint 5th Generation fighter Program (FGFA)

SU-30MKIBrahmos to Fly with the Indian Air Force in 2012

Mi-28NRussia is Pursuing Multiple Helicopter Tenders in India

Helo AirbagAirbags Designed to Save Helicopters Hard Landing on Rough Terrain

mig35MMRCA Competitors Set for Aero-India Showdown

Aerospace report
China J-20

Defense Update Aerospace Channel - Aero India 2011 Special Coverage

Photo Above: Dassault Rafale is one of six contenders for the Indian Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) program. The French fighter is seen here during a low pass, on its impressive aerial display at the aero india opening day. Photo: Tamir Eshel - Defense-Update

Tejas Derby MissileDerby Missiles Selected to Arm India's Tejas Fighters

Israel’s Derby missile is the weapon of choice for India’s Tejas fighter. A contract will be signed by March with Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd to supply the air-to-air weapon for the indigenous Indian jets. P.S. Subramanya, director of India’s Aeronautical Development Agency, which is developing the light combat aircraft. According to Subramanya, a key criterion for the full clearance is the integration of a Beyond-Visual-Range (BVR) missile. (Read More...)

JSOW CRaytheon Conducts Free-Flight Demonstration of JSOW-C From F-16IN

Raytheon Company completed a series of free-flight demonstrations of the Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) AGM-154-C from an F-16IN fighter aircraft. The tests were part of the Indian Air Force’s Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition. (Read More...)

apkwsLaser Guided APKWS II Rockets for USMC Harrier, Air Combat Command's Warthog

The Navy and BAE Systems are entering a two-year Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) program to integrate and demonstrate the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II (APKWS II) on the U.S. Marine Corps’ AV-8B and U.S. Air Force’s A-10 aircraft platforms. The need for such light, precision guided weapon evolved from operational requirements in theater, where precision laser-guided munitions with low collateral damage could offer operational capability currently not available to legacy fixed-wing aircraft. (Read More...)

RC-12X GuardrailU.S. Army to Fields RC-12X SIGINT Aircraft

Upgrading the U.S. Army RC-12X Guardrail fleet of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft under a U.S. Army task order, Northropt Grumman is scheduled to deliver the first aircraft in the second quarter of this year. The company has already delivered the first two upgraded planes in January 2011. The second pair is in the final stages of their cockpit upgrades and will be deploying to theater in March 2011. (Read More...)

Boeing NewGen TankerFinal KC-X Tanker Proposals Submitted by Boeing, EADS

On Thursday, Feb 10, 2011 Boeing and EADS submitted their final proposal for the U.S. Air Force’s KC-X tanker competition. Both proposals address the Air Forces’ mission in two different approaches with different platforms. The stakes are high, as the two companies are competing to win an initial contract for the production of 179 aircraft for $35 billion. The winner will be required to deliver the first aircraft in 2013. (Read More...)

Su030Aero-India 2011 Opens for Business!

Aero India 2011, Asia’s biggest air show beginning at the Yelahanka Indian Air Force base near Bangalore today is the largest ever, with 29 participating countries bringing 93 fighter jets, trainers, private jets, helicopters and commercial jets to the fair – up from 67 in the last show. (Read More...)

LCA AwardIndian Air Force at Odds over Ministry's Lagging MMMRCA Decision

Indian defense officials have given conflicting statements about the country’s long-awaited fighter selection, Aviation Week reporting. At Aero-India, Defense Minister A.K. Antony indicated the final choice on the winning offer will be pushed to March 2012, while Air Force Chief Marshal P.V. Naik saying the selection will be announced as planned in October this year. “This could be the Chief’s way of putting pressure on the government to speed the process as the military is concerned about its reduced squadron strength,” Aviation Week quoted an unnamed Indian official commenting about the apparent dissonance between the Air Force and Defense ministry. (Read More...)

Helicopter Training SystemHelicopter Pilots to Join Air Combat Training

IAI is extending the functionality of its Ehud Air Combat Maneuvering System (ACMI) with the introduction of new training pods designed for combat and assault helicopters. The new pod designated THRUST is modeled like a Hellfire missile, and is carried on AH-64 Apache gunships on standard weapon stations. A strap-down configuration is used for UH-60 or Mi-17 installation. (Read More...)


HeliEyeSDS Introduces HeliEye Helmet Display For Helicopter Pilots

Israel’s defense electronics company Star Defense Systems (SDS) is presenting at Aero-India 2011 the HeliEye – a smart helmet mounted display and tracking system, promising to revolutionize pilot performance. “HeliEye introduces several breakthroughs in pilot display” Tomer Ganelevin Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at SDS explains. Unlike current systems that are limited to monochromatic, stroke displays, HeliEye provides full resolution 600×800 color display. (Read More...)

767-300 MMTTIAI’s Refueling Systems for Indian Air Force (IAF) Tanker

In the recent tender the Indian Air Force is seeking proposals for the delivery of five new aerial tankers at an estimated cost of $2 billion. After Boeing dropped out of the race, only Airbus A330 and the Russian IL-78MKI remained. Both are addressing the IAF requirement for the delivery of new platforms. (Read More...)

G120aGrob and Elbit Systems Offer ‘Intelligent Training for 21 Century Pilots’

Offering its G120TP as an ‘intelligent training solution for the 21st Century’ for the Indian Air Force, Grob Aircraft has extended its innovative concept of more efficient pilot training, utilizing a single platform to cover several phases of the pilot training process. This solution is now being implemented at different phases by several air forces, offers great saving in pilot training while improving training quality and pilot skills. (Read More...)

Electronic Flight Bag Finds Military Applications

Astronautics CA Ltd. of Israel is presenting at Aero-India an innovative application of its Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), utilized as mission computer used in military transport aircraft. According to Menahem Donner, Manager, Airborne Systems Business development at Astronautics, implementing changes in avionic equipment requires a lengthy process. . (Read More...)

India AEWNew Configuration of Indian AEW Aircraft Unveiled

DRDO CABS and Embraer have unveiled today the new transparent configuration of the ERJ-145 configured by Embraer for India’s Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) Center of Airborne Systems (CABS) indigenous Airborne Early Warning and Control (AWE& C) aircraft. (Read More...)

Elta BombraiderElta, Bombardier Pursue Multi-Mission Aircraft Opportunities

With the third Indian Airborne Early Warning (AEW) undergoing final integration, the Israeli company is looking for new opportunities to fulfill India’s thirst for AEW. With the growing interest in smaller platforms Elta is reportedly considering expanding its platform options beyond the Conformal AEW (CAEW) based on the specially modified Gulfstream 550 jet, integrating its AEW system on Bombardier Challenger and Global series aircraft. (Read More...)

TyphoonBAE Systems Introduces a Navalized Typhoon Option

While the competition between six international aircraft manufacturers moves on, some of the competitors are already looking a step further, positioning their respective platforms addressing possible interest from the Indian Navy. (Read More...)

Su30MkIUAC Pogosyan: The Time is right for Russian, Indian Cooperation

Russia’s largest aircraft manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is entering a new era of cooperation with India, with the launching of the development of Prospective Multi-Role Fighter (PMF).  Embarked December 2010 by UAC, Irkut and HAL, it was inaugurated in a press conference held at Aero-India 2011. Mikhail Pogosyan, recently nominated the new general director of UAC presented his view of the evolving cooperation between the two countries. (Read More...)

J200 EngineThrust-Vectoring Upgrade for Typhoon Eurojet EJ200?

Eurofighter and engine supplier Eurojet are promoting a thrust-vector option for the Eurojet EJ200 engines powering the Typhoon, proposed for the Indian MMRCA program. Eurofighter has raised the possibility of a thrust-vectoring upgrade to become part of a future Typhoon mid-life upgrade, a move that could deliver substantial operational cost savings that would offset the cost involved with the engine modification. (Read More...)

SeastarIndian Navy to acquire amphibious aircraft

he Indian Navy is mulling acquisition of nine amphibious aircraft to keep an aerial tab on the Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep islands off the Bay of Bengal, a senior official said. The Navy has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for such aircraft, to be used for maritime surveillance on the islands. (Read More...)


Su30 BrahmosBrahmos to Fly with the Indian Air Force in 2012

BrahMos, the supersonic cruise missile for the Indian Air Force, would be ready by next year, officials said. Destined to fly on the Su-30MKI air dominance fighter, the Brahmos is nine times faster than other anti-ship missiles, BrahMos Aerospace Chief Executive and Managing Director A Sivathanu Pillai told reporters. (Read More...)

DelilahDelilah Addresses India’s Requirement for Air-Launched Loitering Weapons

An increasing demand for precision guided weapons, driven by the network-enabled revolution, and essential needs for defensive systems are creating significant demand for the broad range of weapons developed at IMI, and operationally proven in combat by its customers. (Read More...)


PAK-FARussia, India Launch Joint 5th Generation fighter Program (FGFA)

During the recent visit of Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in December, a number of important agreements were signed, including a memorandum of understanding for preliminary design of the Indo-Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), signed between Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), and Russian companies Rosoboronexport and Sukhoi. (Read More...)


Mi-28NRussia is Pursuing Multiple Helicopter Tenders in India

Pursuing multiple Indian Ministry of Defense helicopters tenders Russian helicopter manufacturers are promoting a line of military helicopters at Aero India 2011, through the Russian state-owned arms marketer Rosoboronexport. In recent years exports of Russian rotary-wing aircraft have been steadily growing with initial deliveries of Mi-17 military transport helicopters to the Indian Air Force. (Read More...)

AS550Eurocopter’s AS550 C3 Fennec helicopter is making its Indian public debut

Aero India 2011. Fennec is considered one of the leading candidates for India’s acquisition of new armed scout helicopter. In preparation for this tender, the AS550 C3 Fennec recently completed field trials with full mission equipment for the Indian Armed Forces’ reconnaissance and surveillance applications. The Indian Army is planning to replace the existing fleet of Indian-produced Cheetah and Chetak helicopters. (Read More...)

helicopter airbagAirbags Designed to Save Helicopters Hard Landing on Rough Terrain

A new safety device developed for civil and military medium helicopters, Aero Sekur’s shock attenuation system is designed to aid crew and helicopter survival. It is the industry’s first integrated solution to aid unscheduled descents on both land and water. Aero Sekur estimates that the new helicopter landing system will be available in 2012. (Read More...)

Boeing Awarded $80 Million to Replenish Apache’s Combat Losses

Boeing has received delivery orders for 17 Apache attack helicopters, supplying the U.S. Army with 14 AH-64D war replacement aircraft plus additional three Apaches, requested to replenish Israel Air Force operational losses during the 2006 2nd Lebanon War. The total amount awarded by the two contracts is worth about $80 million. The announcement did not disclose the model to be supplied to Israel. The IAF lost three Apaches during the 2006 war, two were of the latest AH-64D model. Both deliveries are due to take place before the end of 2012.

GoodrichGoodrich to Show ACES II Ejection Seats at Aero-India

Goodrich is displaying its F-16 ACES II advanced concept ejection seat at Aero-India. ACES II is credited with saving over 600 lives to date. These ejection seats are the designed with active pitch stabilization, providing consistent performance capability at airspeeds of zero to 600 KEAS (knots equivalent airspeed) and altitudes of zero to 60,000 feet. (Read More...)

Super TucanoSuper Tucano Lands in Jacksonville, Waiting for Federal Contract

A Brazilian Super Tucano aircraft was seen at Jacksonville International Airport (JIA) in Florida on Sunday. The light attack/trainer aircraft would be assembled there if Embraer seals the deal on a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. (Read More...)

F-15 AesaAESA Equipped Strike Eagle Begins Flight Testing at Eglin

An F-15E Strike Eagle equipped with new and improved APG-82(V)1 electronically scanned array technology  (AESA) radar began flight testing in Florida last week. The APG-82(V)1 upgrade is part of through the F-15E service life extension, intended to maintain the Strike Eagle operational beyond 2035. (Read More...)

mig35MMRCA Competitors Set for Aero-India Showdown

The ongoing tender for the selection of the future Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft for the Indian Air Force is fuelling a fiery competition between the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Lockheed Martin from the U.S., European Dassault and Eurofighter, Saab from Sweden and Russian Rosoboronexport representing the MiG corporation. (Read More...)

Tejas‘Operational Capable’ Tejas to Fly Again at Aero-India 2011

The Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) is expected to fly again at Aero India 2011, this time not as a prototype or test aircraft but an ‘operational capable aircraft’ of the Indian Air Force. Both the single seat and two-seat versions will be displayed. While Tejas is far from ready for operational capability, it will symbolize India’s technological capability to meet that challenge and progress toward flying an more advanced, indigenous combat aircraft in the future.

C-130J indiaNew Indian C-130J expected at Bangalore for Aero-India 2011

The first C-130J arriving in New Delhi this week is planned to deploy to Bangalore for the airshow. These planes will support India’s special forces’ operations, and operate from the Indian Air Force (IAF) base Hindan air near New Delhi. When fully operational, the C-130J will dramatically increase the rapid deployment of India’s special forces from the capital to other regions in India and abroad. (Read More...)

Public Debut for HAL’s Light Combat Helicopter at Aero India 2011

Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) will display its new indigenous attack helicopter for the first time at the upcoming Aero-India airshow in Bangalore next month. The first prototype of the Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) developed by HAL and due for induction into the Indian Air Force by 2012-13, will make its first flight during the airshow. (Read More...)


Defense Update ‘Airshow-Live’ debut at Aero-India 2011

Defense Update is introducing its latest online project – Airshow-Live, providing on-site coverage of major airshows and defense exhibitions and conferences. Airshow-Live will debut at Aero-India 2011 providing fresh reports from  the airshow, including news highlights and ‘buzz’ from the exhibition halls, press conferences, national pavilions, flight line and aerial displays. (Read More...)