EU To Reduce Forces in Bosnia Herzegovina

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The EU decided to reduce its forces based in Bosnia-Herzegovina and change their deployment to more centralized structure. In December, EU foreign ministers agreed, in principle, to transition EUFOR from a large dispersed force structure to a smaller, centralized structure, in light of the continually improving security situation in the region.

The resulting reduction in force levels, from approximately 6000 troops to 2500, will allow Bosnia-Herzegovina to take more control of its own affairs. The UK announced its battle group in Bosnia-Herzegovina will be withdrawn at the end of April 2007, the Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram announced March 1st, 2007.

Manned by more than 600 troops, principally from the Welsh Guards, the unit will return to the UK, ending more than 15 years of continuous military presence in the Bosnia-Herzegovina. A small number of staff officers will remain at the EU's military headquarters in the capital Sarajevo.



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