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Upcoming Events (February - March 2007):

AUSA Winter

7 - 9 / 3

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. USA

AUVSI Australia

15 - 16 / 3

Melbourne, Australia

Future Soldier 2007

15 - 17/ 3

Istanbul, Turkey

Battlespace Information 2007

19 - 20 / 3

Brussels, Belgium

LanDef 2007

20 - 25 / 3

Victoria, Australia

Air Show Australia

20 - 25 / 3

Victoria, Australia

Aerospace Testing 2007

27 - 29 / 3

Munich, Germany

Global Security Asia 2007

27 - 29 / 3



Army, BAE Systems Unveil the Future Mortar Firing Platform

The U.S. Army and BAE Systems today unveiled the first Future Combat Systems (FCS) Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Mortar Firing Platform. The NLOS Mortar is being designed by BAE Systems to transform the traditional role of the mortar on the battlefield by providing greater crew survivability and enhanced fire support for infantry forces. NLOS Mortar is designed for breech loading, to allow firing the weapon under the protection of the vehicle's armor, rather than having an open firing platform as is common on today's self-propelled mortar platforms.

Warfighters to Gain Access to Strategic Intelligence

A team developing the led Distributed Common Ground System - Army (DCGS-A) has developed and demonstrated technology for users of the U.S. Army's battlefield networks that allows access to actionable intelligence from virtually anywhere in the field.

Upgraded British attack submarine rejoins the fleet

HMS Talent, the recently upgraded Royal Navy attack submarine has rejoined the active fleet. The nuclear powered submarine went through a £386 million upgrade, which included enhancement of its combat system with the introduction of the new Sonar 2076 systems and fresh reactor core.

Absent New Orders, Boeing May Terminate C-17 Line by 2009

Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced today it is stopping procurement of parts for any new C-17s not under contract or firmly committed. This move is expected to cause significant workforce reductions beginning in early 2008, leading to complete shutdown of the production line in mid-2009, should no further orders be received for the aircraft.

Sikorsky Unveils S-92 SAR Model Destined for the UK

Sikorsky unveiled yesterday at Heli-Expo the first S-92 helicopter dedicated to Search and Rescue at the world's largest helicopter gathering. The new aircraft is entering service for the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency in 2007. The SAR configuration includes two internal auxiliary fuel tanks of 210 gallons each.

EU To Reduce Forces in Bosnia Herzegovina

The EU decided to reduce its forces based in Bosnia-Herzegovina and change their deployment to more centralized structure. In December, EU foreign ministers agreed, in principle, to transition EUFOR from a large dispersed force structure to a smaller, centralized structure, in light of the continually improving security situation in the region. The resulting reduction in force levels, from approximately 6000 troops to 2500, will allow Bosnia-Herzegovina to take more control of its own affairs. The UK announced its battle group in Bosnia-Herzegovina will be withdrawn at the end of April 2007

Armor Holdings to Supply Armored Cabs for Medium Trucks

Armor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:AH) will produce Low Signature Armored Cabs (LSAC) for the US Army's received a contract modification valued at up to $50.3 million for production of Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) under a US$50.4 million contract. Work will be performed in 2007 to address urgent requirements for heavy armored vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

X-2 Technology - a Major Pillar for Sikorsky's Future Success

Jeffery Pino Sikorsky Aircraft President considers this new technology is one the major pillars for the company's future growth. Sikorsky's X2 Technology demonstrator conducted a successful ground test in November 2006. The X2 Demonstrator is scheduled to take flight in 2007.


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