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Boxer APC
Boxer APC to Deploy to Afghanistan in August 2011

Spike or Javelin? India Still Undecided on a Billion Dollar Missile Buy

Tarian QuickShield Offres Ad-Hoc Armor Repair

French VBL to Equip Russian Border Guards?

Merkava Mk 4
Merkava 4 Equipped with Trophy Defeats an RPG on the First Combat Engagement of an Active Protection System

Stryker Trophy
Israeli Trophy Completes Successful U.S. Evaluation

Land Systems report

Defense Update Land Systems Channel - March 2011

Photo Above: IDF Merkava Mk 4 equipped with Rafael's Trophy (ASPRO-A) APS are now deployed along the Israeli border with Gaza. Photo: MOD (Read More...)

Boxer APCBoxer APC to Deploy to Afghanistan in August 2011

The first Boxer armored personnel carriers (Gepanzertes Transport-Kraftfahrzeug – GTK) have arrived at Donaueschingen Germany in February 2011 to equip the 292 Jägerbattalion (light infantry battalion), in preparation for the unit’s deployment to Afghanistan by August this year. The battalion will dispatch a platoon with four vehicles to be deployed to Mazar-e-Sharif in Northern Afghanistan, as part of the German training and protection battalion. (Read More...)

rosomakRPG Net to Protect the MaxxPro MRAP

The U.S. Army has ordered 829 rocket-propelled grenade RPG Net kits for the MaxxPro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle. In February 2011 the Army (TACOM) awarded Navistar Defense a $40 million contract to supply the kits designed to augment the MaxxPro MRAP vehicle protection, improving its effectiveness in defeating RPG attack. The RPG Net, developed by QinetiQ North America, has been developed to defeat RPGs by disrupting their fusing mechanism as the incoming rocket is trapped by the net. (Read More...)

Spike or Javelin? India Still Undecided on a Billion Dollar Missile Buy

The Indian Army is planning to equip its ground forces with thousands of anti-tank missiles to be built in India. The Indian military considers two options, both of them exclusive – the FGM-148 Javelin, proposed under a Government-to-Government (G2G) program via U.S. Foreign Military Sale (FMS), and the Spike MR, proposed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, being the only bidder in an international tender, which specified characteristics and specifications only the Israeli company could meet. (Read More...)

QuickshieldTarian QuickShield Offres Ad-Hoc Armor Repair

QuickShield, a textile-based, lightweight net designed to stop rocket-propelled grenade threats (RPG) from penetrating vehicle armor was unveiled by the U.K. Ministry of Defense netting today, as part of the ministry’s National Science and Engineering Week. QuickShield is applied as a ‘band aid’ for bar armor’ enabling armored vehicle crews to rapidly replace damaged bar (slat) armor on military vehicles in the field.  (Read More...)


Carl GustafSaab Wins $180 Million Order for Carl-Gustaf Anti-Tank Ammo

Saab has received an order worth over US$180 million (MSEK 1155) for anti-armor projectiles for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system. The company will begin delivery of the first ammunition batches in September 2011 and continue supplies throughout 2012. The contract also includes an option that can give further orders for up to approximately $78 (MSEK 500), with deliveries in 2013. (Read More...)

VBL FranceFrench VBL to Equip Russian Border Guards?

Following an acquisition of LMV armored vehicles from Iveco in Italy, Russia is set to add another foreign supplier of armored vehicles. Russian ‘Center for the Analysis of the World Arms Trade’ is reporting today that Russia is in talks with French military manufacturer Panhard on the purchase of 500 VBL light armored vehicles for $260 million. The vehicles are to equip Russian Federal Security Service’s border guards units. (Read More...)


Merkava mk4 TrophyMerkava 4 Equipped with Trophy Defeats an RPG on the First Combat Engagement of an Active Protection System

Following the deployment of Merkava Mk 4 tanks equipped with Rafael Defense Systems’ Trophy (ASPRO-A) Active Protection Systems (APS) along the Gaza border last month (January 2011), following a Palestinian Kornet missile attack, battle testing of the system was only a matter of time. Today (1st March 2011), the Trophy was baphtized in combat, proving its worth in a first combat engagement with a hostile RPG, fired by Palestinain anti-tank team from Gaza. (Read More...)

Stryker TrophyIsraeli Trophy Completes Successful U.S. Evaluation

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle fitted with the ASPRO-A (TROPHY) Active Protection System developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems successfully completed a series of evaluation tests at the U.S. Army Aberdeen proving Ground, as part of foreign APS evaluation mandatded by the U.S. Congress and Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD). During the six week testing, the system withstood numerous missiles and rockets attacks. (Read More...)

bmp-3UAE To Upgrade 135 BMP-3 Armored Infantry Vehicles

The United Arab Emirates has announced at IDEX 2011 the conclusion of an agreement for the modernization of 135 Russian produced BMP-3 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles in service with the UAE land forces. The a $74-million upgrade contract was negotiated with Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport. (Read More...)


HakeiTwo Hawkeis Get Ready for Showdown in the Australian Desert

Thales Australia has also delivered two prototypes of its Hawkei vehicle, for verification and validation under the Department’s LAND 121 Phase 4 program, which will replace part of the Army’s fleet of Land Rovers with up to 1,300 light protected mobility vehicles (PMV-L) at an investment of more than $A1 billion. (Read More...)

Force Protection OcelotForce Protection Delivers Ocelot for Australian Field Testing

Force Protection Australasia has delivered to the Australian government two Ocelot armored vehicles – a utility and command variants of the Protected Light Mobility Vehicle (PMV-L). The vehicles are being tested in Monegeetta Proving Grounds in Victoria, under the next phase of evaluation, toward the Australian Defence Land 121 Phase 4 program. (Read More...)


HMMWVBAE Systems Demonstrates HMMWV ‘Integrated Smart V’ to Army, Marine Corps

BAE Systems demonstrated the improved HMMWV known as ‘Integrated SMART V’ (ISV) to U.S. Army and Marine Corps officials at the Nevada Automotive Test Center’s (NATC) annual Vehicle Systems Demonstration held February 9 in Carson City, Nevada. (Read More...)