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Battle Command Network
U.S. Army to Test Wearable PCs with Battle Command Network

Japan Satellite Imagery
Satellite Imagery, U-2 Chart Japan’s Earthquaqe, Tsunami Devastation

Defense Electronics & C4ISR Report

Defense Update Defense Electronics & C4ISR Channel - March 2011

Photo: DigitalGlobe's Natural Color Satellite Image Showing The Mass Destruction Caused by The Earthquake Triggered Tsunami. Credit: DigitalGlobe. (Read More...)

Battle CommandU.S. Army to Test Wearable PCs with Battle Command Network

The U.S. Army will soon evaluate prototypes of wearable mobile handheld computers running battle command capability. New applications, utilizing GDC4’s GD300 and other devices, will be able to provide dismounted soldiers with network connectivity, command, control and situational awareness just like modern smartphones are doing in the commercial market. General Dynamics expects to deliver 40 prototype handheld devices by September 2011 for user evaluation under the current $2.3 Army contract. (Read More...)

BrownoutMOD Introduces a Helmet Display for Landing in Brownout Conditions

A Low Visibility Landing (LVL) system developed by Scientists from the British Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), could offer a solution for ‘helicopter brownout’ a situation that occurs when a pilot loses visual references due to dust or sand re-circulating during take-off or landing. Brownout poses a major safety concern and problem when operating helicopters in desert conditions. (Read More...)

Japan Tsunami Satellite ImagerySatellite Imagery, U-2 Chart Japan’s Earthquaqe, Tsunami Devastation

As Japan copes with the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that struck March 11, earth reconnaissance satellites and aerial reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned vehicles are deployed to the area in an effort to assist emergency operations with up-to-date situational assessment and efficient response to the events of the highest priority. (Read More...)

Elisra Unveils Portable COMINT-DF System

Elisra is introducing a man-portable Communications Intelligence Direction Finding (COMINT-DF) system designed to support tactical, dismounted combat units. The new system, designated ‘NEWS Portable’ will be unveiled this week at the upcoming Avalon 2011 Airshow in Australia. (Read More...)

Harris to Supply Falcon radios to Brazil

Harris Corporation will supply Brazil’s armed forces Falcon III and Falcon II tactical radios under a new contract worth $14 million awarded by the Federative Republic of Brazil. Brazil plans to deploy the radios in a range of humanitarian, security and disaster relief missions. The communications gear included in this order is comprised of the Falcon III RF-7800V Very-High Frequency (VHF) handheld combat net radio, supporting forward-deployed forces with voice communications and data transfer services at rates up to 192 Kbps over the 30 to 108 MHz frequency band. The delivery also includes the Falcon II High-Frequency (HF) manpack radio set, providing the forces with secure, beyond-line-of-site communications. These radios were found most useful for operations in remote, mountainous or jungle areas, where on line-of-sight communications is restricted to short range only.

ContropControp Optimizes Stabilized EO Systems for Mast Mounted Vehicular Applications

At Aero-India 2011 Controp is introducing two new stabilized EO systems, optimized for vehicular platforms. The new, remotely controlled, gyro-stabilized Modular Electro-Optical System (MEOS). The system employs an open architecture similar to Controp’s CEDAR product line, yet MEOS also features a two-axis gyro-stabilized platform, enabling installation on vehicular platforms, as well as elevated mast mounting. (Read More...)

Elisra to Become Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Elbit Systems

Elbit continues the consolidation of its domestic acquisitions. Following the successful completion of buyout of the remaining ITL Lasers shares held by the public, traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, Elbit Systems announed today the procurement of  30% of the remaining shares of Elisra Electronics Systems, held by IAI subsidiary Elta Systems. With this acquisition Elbit Systems will 100% holding of Elisra shares. For these stocks Elbit will pay Elta $67.5 million. (Read More...)