USMC Funds Production of 15 New Radars

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Marine Corps Systems Command awarded Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC) a $256 million contract for the first phase (Increment I) development and demonstration of Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR). The funding covers the development and production of 15 systems, designed to fulfill Short range air defense and air surveillance missions. Additional 48 systems are planned for production in further increments. Further developments will introduce enhanced capabilities and address multi-mission tasks including counter fire/targeting missions and air traffic control missions.

The G/ATOR program is a single material solution for the Multi-Mode Radar System and Ground Weapons Locator Radar requirements. It is structured as an evolutionary acquisition consisting of four blocks of incremental development and production, referred to as Increments I through IV. Each block builds upon the capabilities of the preceding increments in an additive fashion.

Increment I supports two distinct mission areas: Short range air defense and air surveillance.

Increment II will address the Marine Expeditionary Force counter fire/targeting missions.

Increment III will incorporate tactical enhancements of the air mission requirements, including Mode 5/S identification friend or foe, decoy/electronic counter-counter measures capabilities, an advanced RES, a non-cooperative target recognition, sensor netting, and an integration data environment capability.

Increment IV will address support of air traffic control missions.



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